Beat the pollution! There are easy ways to protect your hair

Beat the pollution! There are easy ways to protect your hair

The pollution in urban cities can cause a serious damage to your hair…

Dry ends? Dullness? Itchy scalp? Increased exposure to air pollution could be a key reason to these common hair concerns. It's pretty impossible to avoid pollution in urban Indian cities.

Hair loss affects roughly more than 70 percent of Indian urban population due to the microscopic nature of PM 2.5 (very small particulate matter) which get lodged in the hair scalp which further makes hair dirty and can also increase the likelihood of itchy inflamed scalp as well as blocked follicles and the formation of pimples.

The problem is not restricted out of your home only, even pollution comes from the kitchen fire, smoking tobacco, rust and common dust also add to dryness and itchy scalp.

There are easy ways to protect your hair from external geo aggressors and undo the damage.

Brush with care

Smoky, polluted air can cause hair quality to deteriorate, making it brittle and more susceptible to breakage and split ends. Be extra gentle when styling and always start combing from the ends of your hair. Gentle brushing removes old hair, dead skin cells and other chemical products. Brushing also increases blood circulation. Use the nozzle on hair dryers to minimise heat exposure and keep irons less than 400 degrees for fine hair and 410 for thick hair.

Adjust styling routine

Hair that has been exposed to excessive amounts of air pollution becomes damaged, feeling brittle and making breakage and split ends more likely. Keep this in mind when using heat from a straighter, curling iron or hairdryer. Minimise the amount of heat you use and always use a heat-protecting product. If you have long hair, it's better to avoid opening them while you are going out as it will expose all hair with pollutants. Additionally, colouring, straightening, smoothening makes hair shaft weak, which allow pollutants to enter more into hair to cause damage. Most of us leave home when are hair is still wet from showers due to time constraints and reach workplaces in time. But please remember that wet hair attracts dust and grime even more, and the same goes for applying too much cream and oil-based products. If you don't have time to completely dry your hair with a blower use paper towels available in the kitchen, which are made with highly absorbent material. After gently towel-drying your hair, pat your hair with paper towels. This is one way to protect hair as dust and dirt particles easily stick to wet hair. So, make sure that before you step out, your hair is dry.


Your dull and dry locks need to be hydrated for them to look healthy and shiny after being exposed to all the pollution in cities. Staying hydrated is highly beneficial for your hair follicles from within and for your hair shafts to stay healthy. Ensure that you are drinking a minimum three litres water daily to keep your hair properly hydrated and prevent your scalp from drying out.

Another way to help with dryness is with a hydrating mask. Choose a moisturising or reparative formula and use at least once a week. Oil your hair regularly! This is a serious game changer and will help you get rid of your hair problems.

Head massage

Nothing works like champi (head massage) once every two weeks or so. Champi prepares you from ugly wrath of pollution. You may get it from neighbourhood saloons in the market or get it done from expert champi masters. Apply medicinal oil directly on your scalp and massage it directly on your scalp gently so as the hair is absorbed in the scalp. Head massage stimulates blood circulation and improves the health of your scalp.

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