Make the most of mangoes

Make the most of mangoes

Mango milkshakes, mango ice creams, mango with cream, mango cakes, etc. are a sure way to hamper digestion, which will lead to break outs on the skin....

Across the length and breadth of the country, it is the time for the delectable mango. They call it the 'King of the fruits' but I consider it the 'Emperor'. I feel so bad when people come to me carrying the guilt of eating mangoes. It's really sad that they believe that mangoes are detrimental to their health and weight. Let's get rid of this myth and add mangoes to your plate and make the most of them before season ends.

I have always advocated the consumption of seasonal fruits and vegetables, including mangoes. This fruit has a unique property of being sweet and yet tarty, which makes it irresistible. So, why deprive yourself of something so scrumptious when one mango, peeled and deseeded is approximately just 60 calories?

Fresh mango is the best cure for constipation. I've always made sure that none of my clients suffer from constipation during the summer months because I encourage them to consume mangoes. You'll be shocked to know that people following my food prescription drop weight faster, because the prescription includes two mangoes a day in addition to other foods. On top of that, the natural sweeteners in mangoes automatically satiate a person's sweet tooth thus they don't feel the need to reach out to other sweets.

Every part of the mango, whether the bark, leaves, skin or pit is beneficial and I utilize it in my food or as some kind of remedy.

When you eat raw and fresh mangoes during this season, your chances of getting the common cold and flu are minimal as it is high in vitamin C and vitamin A, which are both powerful antioxidants. I can vouch for the fact that mangoes are excellent for your skin due to its high beta-carotene content. The breakout on the skin for some is not due the mangoes but because of the wrong combination of foods with the mango. Mango milkshakes, mango ice creams, mango with cream, mango cakes, etc. are a sure way to hamper digestion, which will lead to break outs on the skin. The best way to enjoy a mango is to eat it by itself.

Tips to help you choose and store mangoes:

When selecting a mango, the ripeness of mangoes can be determined by either smelling or squeezing. When a mango is ripe it will have a full, fruity aroma emitting from the stem end.

Choose a mango that has uniformly smooth skin. A few black spots are acceptable as these indicate a very ripe mango (the riper ones are sweeter).

If the mango is ripened quickly, use it within a couple of days, as it will not have an optimal shelf life of a slowly ripened mango.

Snack on a mango as it acts as an amazing filler between meals.

Raw mangoes eaten in the form of pickles make your food more appealing during summer months and the salt content in the pickle can prevent your sodium levels from falling. The popular gujarati mango curry, Fajeto, is made by using the pit of a ripe mango along with all of its juice and yogurt and spices. It is a fresh and savory take on the ordinarily sweet Mango. Some additional recipes that use mangoes are – Mango salsa, raw mango chutney, Mango mint chutney, raw mango rice, Aam ka panna, raw mango vegetable, Mango salad dressing, Mango yogurt, etc.

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