Papaya, papaya ho!

Papaya, papaya ho!
Papaya, papaya ho!

I strongly recommend people to eat papaya regularly. It is such a succulent fruit. This alkaline fruit comes in various sizes and colours from yellow...

I strongly recommend people to eat papaya regularly. It is such a succulent fruit. This alkaline fruit comes in various sizes and colours from yellow to amber to orange. Papaya is rich in minerals containing vitamin A, calcium and a high concentration of collagen healing vitamin C.

Raw or ripe, the papaya and its leaves contain curative properties. Unripe papaya contains a high concentration of the unique protease enzyme Papain enzyme similar to the stomach enzyme pepsin. That aids in the digestion of protein.

To feel clean from within I am always recommending the papaya. You are going to be shocked that I would ask you to eat the tiny black seeds which are in the centre of the fruit.

These seeds are edible. They are spicy with a pepper-like taste. This tiny seed is an effective way to detoxify the liver whose job is to filter the blood that comes from the digestive tract before it goes to the rest of the body.

This sulphur-rich peppery taste, much like wild mustard, can guard us against, and flush out, parasites and internal worms. Wait! It does not stop here. They have an antibacterial and anti-inflammatory effect on your digestive system. They are effective at killing E-coli, Salmonella, Staph and other dangerous bacteria.

You really must eat the raw or ripe papaya and its seeds. Try it. You will see the difference when you eat papaya daily for a few weeks. I can vouch on the way they remove bloat and flatulence and also prevent indigestion. Your digestive system will feel as if has been gently rinsed and internally and you will feel squeaky clean.

Papain, the enzyme in papaya, is renowned for its anti-cancer and skin cleansing properties. Very little of this enzyme is found in the fully ripe fruit. Papain has anti-cancer properties, as the enzymes eat the protein-laden material surrounding certain cancerous tumours especially breast cancer.

This is because the enzyme content is higher, and the sugar content of the fruit is lower (low-sugar diets are generally recommended for prevention and retardation of cancer).

Ripe papayas reduce the risk of arteriosclerosis, strokes and heart attacks. Carpaine, an alkaloid compound in papayas has anti-tumour properties and organ-healing properties. Carpaine lowers the concentration of fats and cholesterol in the bloodstream and helps to regenerate a hardened, dysfunctional liver.

The skin of the papaya enhances the skin of my clients and me and often I want you to observe that people with radiant skin and glowing eyes eat papaya regularly. To cleanse, tighten your skin and to lighten freckles you need the enzymes found in papaya to be applied on the skin.

The half-ripe papaya both eaten and applied on the skin soften and dissolve dead skin layers, while simultaneously the alkaline minerals nourish and support the creation of healthy skin. The enzymes immediately set to work tightening our skin's collagen tissue. Enzymes are capable of protecting and repairing elastic collagen fibres which both protect us against wrinkles and alleviate existing skin damage.

However, if you're pregnant or planning to conceive, raw papaya should be completely avoided.It is known that papaya is one of the healthiest fruits as it has healing properties from the flesh to the seed to the leaves.

The juice from the papaya leaves are your best home remedies for fighting dengue or malaria infections. Scientific studies have shown that they have some medicinal properties which increase platelet count and are also anti-malarial. Crush some papayas leaves, and drink 2 tablespoons of this bitter juice twice a day for best results.

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