The art of weaving fantasy

The art of weaving fantasy

The Sands of Time series is Nishi Chandermun’sfirst venture for young adults, a project on which she has been arduously researching and working for several years

Nishi Chandermun is the pen name for Nishi Singh. She was born and raised in the city of Durban, on the east coast of South Africa. However, home away from home is the magnificent Cape Town, a serene laidback city where the heart and spirit of the ancient Table Mountain beckons her to return again and again.

She graduated with a Bachelor of Law degree, cum laude, and studied psychology thereafter. Despite her fervent interest in both these careers, her supreme passion was always in writing.

She has previously written middle grade fiction and illustrated books for children.

'The Pearl of Immortality' is the author's first installment of an ambitious seven-book series, 'The Sands of Time'. The story is set on the planet Ishtar, in the Alpha Centauri star system.In this novel, a teen learns that his destiny involves a distant planet, several races of magical beings, and the defeat of a Dark King.

Excerpts from an interview:

Why did you write this book and what did you want your readers to take away from it?

Writing is to me an absolute calling. Seeing that I have always been lured by the fantasy genre, it was a choice by nature to pen a series like The Sands of Time. I would love for my readers to be drawn into my fantasy world, to become a part of it like I am. Through my writing I aim to take them on a wondrous journey of magical adventuresand unforgettable thrills, to introduce them to all things unique and phenomenal that my series has to offer.

Tell us about your experience of writing this fantastical world with magic and dragons!

I have found the act of world-building for my series to be a most stimulating and rewarding experience by far. To be able to fashion my own world of unique beings and magical creatures unimagined before, complete with my personally devised magical language, to create a fictional planet and then bring it to life, was a thoroughly fulfilling experience. Empowering no doubt!

Have you been surprised by how the readers are receiving the book?

The Pearl of Immortality has been written for fantasy readers with vivid imaginations, a thirst for adventure and a need to seek out the magic of ancient worlds. The fact that my book is being well-received by these such readers is no surprise. I am merely humbled and simultaneously pleased that I have accomplished what I had set out to do.

What is the USP of this book that makes it stand apart from the others in the genre?

The Pearl of Immortality draws its main inspiration from Mesopotamian mythology, a completely unchartered territory as far as world-building is concerned. My races of super beings and magical creatures are all unique, born purely out of the figment of my imagination. Furthermore, the magical language I have devised for The Sands of Time series, which I call the Supreme Words, is totally indigenous to my series and will not be encountered elsewhere. Finally, not merely a tale of magic, The Pearl of Immortality is high fantasy blended with adventure, where the reader is effortlessly taken on anextraordinary journey of daring escapades within the milieu of magical worlds.

Do you have an approximate timeline in mind for the release of the remaining books in the series?

I am working steadily on book two in the Sands of Time serieswith first inklings of book three making its appearance. The series is long and all great things take time. However, with a sturdy working rhythm, a pattern that suits me well, I aim to release the books within reasonable time lapses from one another

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