World's Best Talent!

Lydian Nadhaswaram, the 13-year-old piano prodigy proves it all at the 'CBS The Wold's Best' championship. The young music artist has set an example to many aspiring next-gen music lovers as he awestruck the audience with his performance at an international platform. His zeal towards being a musician had quite become a passion as he started his journey playing the drums at the early age of two and slowly proved to be a piano champion. The young artist shares his victory story as he performed recently at a concert.

Excerpts from an interview:

When did you start learning piano?

I am learning piano for the past four years; my father teaches me, and my sister also teaches me.

How did you gain an interest in music?

I love the piano very much. I learnt a lot of instruments and the piano is my favourite. When I was two years old, I started to play the drums and then I learnt to play a lot of percussions instruments such as mridangam, tabla and zanjeeram. In 2015, I started piano.

How did you get the chance to perform at World's Best Championship?

My father was following one of the producers, who worked for different shows. He followed her for three years and then she moved to CBS World's Best and then she asked if I would like to participate. We said yes and then we went and cleared all the episodes and then I happen to win.

The judges during the finale scored you less, how was your feeling at that point of time?

In my mind the only thing that was running that I have given my best and the rest is in the hands of the judges. So, whatever they had scored me I thought it was good.

You play the piano blindfolded, how did you learn that?

I am not a regular school-going-boy, I do home school and so the whole day I get time to practice my piano. In 2016, I was playing the piano at home, my sister suddenly covered a thick towel on my face and then she asked me to play, and then I happen to play 'Flight of the Bumblebee'. From that day I started playing the piano by blindfolding myself and then I had to do something challenging for World's Best and that was my act for the second episode.

Do you feel sad that you don't go to regular school?

It doesn't affect me. My father asked me to stop school, now I am really happy in whatever I am doing.

What do you plan to do ahead with your skills in music?

I want to become a music composer and I want to become the world's best pianist.

Who is your inspiration?

Kids who are younger than me are my inspiration. There are a lot of child prodigies around the world so, I take them as an inspiration. It encourages me to do more when I look at them.

Do you want to music for movies?

Yes, of course, I want to compose music for movies, animation and also albums. I have worked with AR Rahman for a series as a pianist for a show on Amazon Prime.

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