All for the rural women

All for the rural women

Innovative Metals Recycler Cosmos Green Launches Initiative to Empower Rural Women by Teaching Employable Skills

Cosmos Green FZE, a UAE based metals recycler acknowledges women are an important community and is dedicated to creating opportunities for their growth and empowerment.

This company is heavily investing to enhance skills of rural unemployed women by providing them training so they can sort metal scrap and thus make them financially empowered and independent.

Cosmos Green aims to provide women with a platform from which they can enhance their skills and contribute financially to their family, eventually helping their family adopt a better lifestyle.

The primary motive under this initiative is to make a difference in the lives of unemployed rural women by helping them become independent and to promote sustainable development.

"We are creating opportunities for women that are helping them realise their potential and in turn transforming local communities," said Rajat Kapur, CEO and founder, Cosmos Green.

Women Empowerment

Women employees make up more than 70 per cent of workforce. The company has dedicated training cells to enhance the skills of women workers. The new training sessions are for current workers and those who've recently joined.

Apart from the initiative mentioned, they keep in touch with nearby rural areas to inform and inspire more unemployed women to be part of its initiative.

Skill Development

A part of the USD 500 billion metal scrap recycling industry that is growing at a CAGR of 11.40 per cent in India.

Because of the industry's prospects, the company is continuously working to develop labour skills in India through appropriate training that teaches how to use sensor-based sorting machines, other cut edge technologies, and by imparting relevant skills using video presentations.

Heath and Hygiene

Worker's health and safety is the utmost priority. It arranges routine health checkups for labourers to ensure they remain healthy.

It also expects to open a 'creche' soon at its scrap processing facility so labours can work assured their children well looked after nearby.

Speaking about its ongoing activities, Rajat Kapur, added, "We strive to provide labourers a working environment that meets international standards and are investing regularly to create a cleaner, greener, healthier and more prosperous working environment for every season".

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