Be in style at your workplace

Be in style at your workplace

If you prefer color, then wear color.-

Be authentic to yourself

If you prefer color, then wear color. If you prefer heels, then wear heels. If you like to wear a bold lipstick, then just keep the rest of your makeup fairly natural.

Just balance statement pieces with more conservative, neutral pieces. Everything in moderation.

Do invest in quality, staple pieces

As a business woman, you likely are smart with how you spend your money. There are certainly ways to penny pinch, but your business wardrobe is not one of them.

Though the cost may seem like a lot up front, in reality you'll get a lot of bang for your buck. If the item is high-quality, you'll be able to wear it many times over many years, making the cost per wear low.

Don't wear open-toed shoes

Speaking of shoes about open-toed shoes is very off-putting in the office place.

Save that for the beach, for the weekend, for the night out, or really anywhere else but the office.

Don't show too much skin

The right length is critical! Dresses and skirts should at least graze the top of your knee. Keep in mind that when you sit in a chair, your dress or skirt will automatically rise up some, making it seem shorter.

Be aware of any slits your clothing might have as well. Never choose pieces with super high slits. Don't show cleavage.

It's just not appropriate. Along those lines, make sure tops are not at all see-through. And make certain that undergarments are not visible.

Don't overdo your makeup

Like most of these tips (and most things in life!), moderation is key. If you like a bold lip, feel free to go for it. But keep everything else very natural.

Avoid overly dramatizing yourself with things like false eyelashes, smoky eye shadow, or an abundance of bronzer. Use your makeup to enhance your natural look.

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