Be rich in choosing what you eat

Sridevi Jasti, the founder and chief nutritionist of  Vibrant Living

Sridevi Jasti, the founder and chief nutritionist of Vibrant Living


Sridevi Jasti, the founder and chief nutritionist of Vibrant Living, has begin motivating people to eat nutritious food as she observed a gap that people are dependent on all wrong directions when it comes to diet. To introduce a method of adding healthy meal in one’s life she has opened a store which has countless recipes for delicious meals

This entrepreneur business turns ten years now which was doing away with seminars, workshops initially, " More and more demand drive me into business as I was conducting workshops, seminars, one on consultations earlier, We started services such as meals, smoothies whose main ingredients are plant based because according to research these are most needed for a good health to prevent from diseases. I want to give people what they were not getting in food for example when I interacted with meat eaters, to my astonishment they include meat in meals more than once a day, which is not healthy," says Sridevi.

Bearing in mind all of the negative tips being followed, I felt less quantity of vegetables are being consumed as they presume those to be cooked tasteless, to convince them I have traditional recipes with a local food twist which turns out deliciously, she added.

This healthy store serves with breakfast, lunch, dinner to people with health ailments such as thyroid, PCOD, diabetes, cardio vascular conditions, weight loss, weight gain, fertility, skin glow, to get rid of inflammation.

Talking about how she considers the ingredients to be fit for meals she says, I use millets, nuts, seeds, dates, lot of vegetables and never sugar, no wheat flour, no frying. Currently we have season innovative as I am focused on traditional food, we could dig thegalu(panam kizhangu) roast them and serve for customers.

With thirty team members her work schedule is never ending, from one on one consultation, group classes, worskshops, seminars, educating anganwadi teachers, going to orphanages. Discussing on new trend of online food ordering, managing celebrities, she elaborates, that it is convenient to order online but wish there were more healthier choices, the joy of cooking and experimenting in kitchen and connect between joy and food is being missed. Online food ordering is occasional happiness but dangerous if it continues. That's the reason we explain how does it feel to cook in the kitchen.

Celebrities have extra needs to look good, they have different temperaments and styles, they put lot of efforts in knowing what they eat, While giving them food I teach them why are they eating what they eat which can be useful while they are on travel, shoot, they follow my sayings seriously, It is fun to work with them they follow, for instance working with Samantha was fun as I enjoyed it, she is hard working girl, sincere learner, genuine, we had 20 classes together.

Serving 100 plus per a day on different combinations she gives meals tips as have a raw meal in a day such as salad or fruits until noon, Add one vegetables for lunch and dinner, Avoid refined foods such as white sugar, white flour, milk, processed food such as cereals and saying no to these can win us half the battle.

Suggesting other women entrepreneurs as to get in to business which they are passionate about it not for money because in process we do earn money, do something useful for others. But life is work and work is life so both should be joyous, she signs off.

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