Contemporary, Crafted and Curated with Love

Contemporary, Crafted and Curated with Love

Contemporary, Crafted and Curated with Love


Antarez Jewels (Instagram: @antarez.jewels) is an international fashion jewellery brand based in Mumbai and Hong Kong. Born with a view to create accessories that range from quirky to elegantly refined. Relatively new, the brand is growing on a daily basis

Antarez Jewels was founded by three best friends Kavita Shah, Ankisha Mehta and Namrata Shah, where each of them brings a unique set of skills to the brands.

With experiences in entrepreneurship, fashion and design they complement one another leaving them perfectly positioned to deliver hand-made and hand-picked trendy and affordable designs with a sophisticated flair.

Kavita, co-founder of Antarez Jewels shares, "Each collection has a distinct inspiration source with a unique style of its own; consisting of gold-plated brass, specially cut studded necklaces, earrings, rings, bracelets and pendants. Handcrafted techniques have been used to create contemporary pieces, to add a bit of lushness to your everyday. Antarez is built on the belief that jewellery should be expressive, affordable and well-made."

The brand strives to create and curate unique designs of high quality for their clients to wear. These jewels are made in brass, dipped in 14 k gold and manufactured by local artisans in Jaipur, Delhi and Mumbai.

"The idea of starting a business we each have passion for has snowballed into Antarez. All three of us were confident that each one of us could bring a skill set on board that would help us build a jewellery brand we believed in. Launching a fashion jewellery brand being the closest friends seemed very natural and easy, yet there were tons of discussions before we could finally get our thoughts together on it. In mid-2019 we went into production with local artisans in Jaipur, Mumbai and New Delhi and invested whole heartedly in our passion project. After several speed bumps we were all set to launch in May 2020 but due to the lockdown in March we were forced to stall our launch," adds Kavitha. They decided to launch the brand on October 1st as at this point, they were holding onto stock of their entire investment plus the stock that was in production since before the lockdown.

Kavita says that the pandemic has been difficult for everyone, thankfully they are supported by a team of girls and artisans that work tirelessly to make their vision come alive.

Kavita shares, "At Antarez we believe fashion jewellery should be wearable, affordable and beautiful. We officially launched on Instagram in the midst of the pandemic. To add to that Ankisha was in Hong Kong and Namrata and me in India. Due to the travel bans, the lockdown and the overall fright that had come over the world, it was an extremely tough time for us as a business. We weren't able to physically show people our brand and or handcrafted pieces. We haven't been able to take part in any exhibitions or host any private viewings, but the pandemic also pushed the world onto a digital presence. Thanks to platforms like Instagram and Facebook we were able to create brand awareness and showcase our products. We are now avidly working on getting our website up."

While they were researching on the fashion jewellery business, they found that there is a lack of fashion jewellery brands that are affordable but great in quality or vice versa. The birth of the Antarez was with one goal in mind - to design and manufacture fashion jewellery at affordable prices without compromising the quality. Each piece is delicately crafted and dipped in 14 carat gold to deliver a value for money jewel for their customers.

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