Discovering the artist within

Discovering the artist within

Alliance Française Hyderabad is hosting a week-long exhibition, ‘Indian Trails’, featuring the works of artists —Nandini R and Sona Kapoor.

Alliance Française Hyderabad is hosting a week-long exhibition, 'Indian Trails', featuring the works of artists —Nandini R and Sona Kapoor. Nandini's art comprises mixed media and is based on Indian heritage and traditions and Sona has used mud art and mural to present her work.

Post-Graduate in Sociology, and journalist Nandini R nurtured a dream of studying art and it was only recently that she fulfilled her dream. "It was just my childhood dream and I did my BFA recently and I got more serious about my passion.

I was working and simultaneously I did my fine arts from Sri Venkateshwara College of Fine Arts. I got more interested in art and I started working on my paintings. Finally, I and Sona both have decided to exhibit our work," shares Nandini.

Nandini has been painting for many years now, she says, "When I got the opportunity to study art, I learnt newer techniques. I enjoyed going to college at this age;it was not at all a challenge for me. My husband Sridhar encouraged me a lot to complete my BFA.

It was 5 years course, but it went on like a breeze and during the time I also had to deal with my daughter studying Xth grade. I thank god that her exams never clashed with mine."

"I took inspiration from artist Sudhakar Chippa; his works impressed me a lot and my final year dissertation was with him," Nandini shares.

Her painting 'Theyyam..the energy of a ritual' from what she has seen in Kasaragod in Kerala was acrylic on canvas. For her works 'Spreading sunshine' (a lush farm scene) and the thousand pillars monuments in woodcut from Ramappa Temple in Warangal she also used acrylic on wood cut. Her wood cuts were lively and colourful and that includes the 'Bonnalu..the colourful festival of thanks giving'.

About her work she says, "I enjoy travelling, meeting people and visiting historical places. My 'Indian Trails' collection revolves around some mesmerising facets of the 'Incredible' India canvas.

They are my reflections of the awe-inspiring structures, the fascinating people, and the ever-vibrant culture, which have all left lasting impressions on me during my travels over the years.

Enriched during a two-decade career in the media, I feel that everything that is beautiful is a piece of art. Though I basically enjoy wood cut, here, I am showcasing creations that have been accomplished in acrylic, oil and clay."

Sona is a hotel management and home science graduate and an author of eight books. She says, "I have done a study on child psychology to understand my children. Being an artist was my childhood dream, but I could never do it as I got married early.

My daughter joined Sri Venkateshwara College of Pharmacy and she got to know that there is a fine arts course in the same college, she encouraged me to study art and that is how she has become my inspiration. She took me to the college and got me the admission, we both used to go to college and study there."

"I am a mud artist for the past 24 years, which I have learnt it in Kutch, Gujarat. I have stayed there and learnt the art. My daughter and son were very supportive about this whole learning process," Sona shares.

She explains, "My paintings reflect everything that is Hyderabad and its rich communal diversity, dialect and unique cultures have played a very big influence on my thought-process and come across as subjects that have an over-whelming bearing on my works."

Sona Kapoor is presently churning out hundreds of budding artistes as a mentor to school children. Her works represent the lanes and bustle of the city, and her colours give energy to her canvasses.

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