Dry shampoo, a styling choice for winter

Dry shampoo, a styling choice for winter

In winters, the cold weather gives us another reason to be reluctant about washing our hair daily. Dry shampoo not only helps keep your scalp from...

In winters, the cold weather gives us another reason to be reluctant about washing our hair daily. Dry shampoo not only helps keep your scalp from being greasy and saves you from the embarrassment of having clearly unwashed hair, it can be your style staple if you use it right

You feel timid and hesitant to wash your hair regularly in winters, but it seems a binding and essential task, you are time-bound and running late for an urgent meeting, but your sticky hair is in desperate need of a wash.

Beautiful hair adds charm to your personality and nourished hair reflects the state of your good or bad health. Cleaning your scalp and hair regularly is very important to maintain hygiene and protecting your hair from dust, grime, pollution, dandruff, and hair fall.

Hence the invention of dry shampoo is a phenomenal boon from the world of beauty and cosmetics. As a matter of fact, dry shampoo is a great option for women who have less time have to go to work every day or go to a party or function continuously but due to lack of time, they cannot do their hair wash with water on regular basis.

What is dry shampoo?

With dry shampoo, you can go for wash without water and this can be very useful for you in winters. Even if you are a frequent traveller and don't have access to the place of the bath, dry shampoo can be of great help.

Although, dry shampoo was launched long back awareness and popularity about this has started to grow now like never before. Its reliability and popularity is constantly increasing as this comes with multiple benefits. It's easy to use, quick to apply, gives desired results and comes handy. Dry shampoo not only cleanses hair deeply but also gives bounce, body, and thickness to the hair.

A dry shampoo is a good option for hassle-free hair wash but it's very important to know the right way and technique to use it. Dry shampoo makes your hair fresh and aromatic, and it removes dirt and oil from the scalp like a liquid shampoo. You can also carry a small can of dry shampoo in your small bag and can transform the look of your hair and face bad hair day.

Where can u get the dry shampoo?

You can order it online or you can find it easily at a cosmetic shop. Before investing in it, it is necessary to know the features related to it, the right way to use it, and the precautions, do's and don'ts attached to this.

Dry shampoo is available in powder and spray form and even if you have to use it in a rush, but it is important to use it properly, for which you will have to take some precautions, otherwise, it will have the opposite effect and can mar the look of your hair.

How to use dry shampoo?

To use it correctly, lift the hair in small parts, starting from near your ear, spraying it to the tip, spreading the hair in sections and starting from the root. Keep in mind that you start from the end by keeping the spray 4 inches away from the hair. You should keep the shampoo in the hair for 10 minutes and if your hair is long then you can keep 3–4 minutes more.

Gently massage with your fingers and start brushing your hair, for this you should use a soft-bristled hairbrush. Brush until residues or particles of powder and shampoo remain in your hair.

You can also reverse the head and brush it in the hair so that the powder comes out well, if the hair is very dirty then it may take a little longer do not spray excess of it at one place, spread dry shampoo with your fingers and try to spray from a distance where the scalp is more oily.

Make sure that you do not spray two or three times in one section and spray once only, Excess of shampoo at one point of the scalp can cause itching. Take special care while combing the curly hair, and massage it very softly so that the hair is not freezing, most people prefer to do it before bedtime so that the hair absorbs it properly and you feel refreshed by morning.

Dry shampoo is available in aerosol can and natural ingredients are used to make it, and you can make it at home if you want, but you should know the correct proportion of all ingredients, it's made from powder, solvent, conditioner, oatmeal powder, baby powder, baking soda, corn starch and rice starch, rose (flower) petals, and has very little use of chemicals, it also contains fragrance and powder and Along with Absorbing Agent, these ingredients absorb oil, sweat, stickiness, dirt etc. from your hair and absorb it which you remove off with brushing.

The right way to use dry shampoo

Problems associated with dry shampoo are also not worth overlooking, as this shampoo can leave white particles in the hair which is likely to damage the scalp and cause the problem of dandruff, but this completely depends on the right way to use it. Choosing the right brand of dry shampoo is equally important.

You should restrict the use of washing hair with dry shampoo and not make it a regular practice. Don't make it a habit as prolonged and excessive use of it may cause itching, dandruff, irritation, etc.

As a precaution before using dry shampoo, also check to ensure that there is no wetness left in the hair as dry shampoo on wet hair can cause small lumps in the hair and tangle your hair too. This can lead to stiff hair so make sure that you apply this on dry hair only.

Before using it, it is also very important that you know the texture and type of your hair and if you have problems with irritation, itching, etc. then you should abstain from its usage. Apart from this, it is also important that you make investments in a well-known brand.

- The writer is a beauty & makeover expert

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