Focus on nutrition is much needed

Focus on nutrition is much needed

Focus on nutrition is much needed


Today everybody is telling me that they want to lose weight, control pcos, prevent diseases and improve their mood

Today everybody is telling me that they want to lose weight, control pcos, prevent diseases and improve their mood. Most people believe that there is a magic pill that holds the secret to health and longevity. I urge you all to stop focusing on this eternal magic bullet or spend money on expensive juicing machines and fad diets that are depressive and lead to nothing but gloom.

Can I advise you a something? Put your focus on a much grander target. We have a magical cannon of simple foods. This canon is full of a balance of all nutrients. It's an explosion of fruits, vegetable, grains, good quality protein, nuts, seeds, herbs and spices that have a wonderful impact on your body. Brilliant eating is where-in you enjoy food and you can make conscious decisions to fuel your body with best foods to work at optimum levels. As National Nutrition month commences, I share with you my brilliant food guide.

Water way

There is no replacement for the innumerable minerals that plain water provides. Essential for life, drinking adequate water through the day is a no-brainer.

No gain without grains

The corner stone of brilliant eating are grains. As Indians we have a huge variety of whole grains to choose from. Staples wheat and rice provide much need satiation and b vitamins, preventing hunger pangs. Providing variance and low glycaemia index are the numerous millets found throughout the country.

Protein potion

I am quite appalled at this sudden need for a high protein diet. The Indian diet provides adequate protein with dals, sambhars and curries. These plant proteins will sort you out.

Flawless fats

I cannot stress enough on the importance of good quality fats. Cooking food in heavenly ghee and coconut oil helps absorb fat soluble nutrients and nourishes both mind and body. Addition of nuts and seeds as snacks gives you the right dose of antioxidant Omega 3.

Nutritional elixir

I believe 50% of your plate must be fresh, seasonal, local vegetables.

These are the disease preventing agents that are integral to any diet. Fruits provide natural sugar and fibre keeping digestive health perfect.

Herb happiness

I have found time and again that food that is prepared with fresh herbs, aids digestion and makes for a happy gut. A happy gut is the key to a happy mind and body.

Slice of spice

Spices are the soul not only of cooking but also good health. Daily spices like turmeric, chili powder, cumin, mustard seeds, and asafoetida are incorporated in Indian cooking.

These flavour agents not only highlight every dish but also provide phytochemicals that help reverse and retard diseases. For maximum benefit temper it in good quality fat.

So what are you waiting for? A Brilliant food life is right at your door.

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