Get a chocolate hair makeover, liftup spirits!

Get a chocolate hair makeover, liftup spirits!Get a chocolate hair makeover, liftup spirits!

Chocolate is an instant mood-lifter no doubt. Just like a perfect hair makeover. This food of the gods, is a...

Chocolate is an instant mood-lifter no doubt. Just like a perfect hair makeover. This food of the gods, is a global favourite and is no surprise the most preferred hair color. Chocolate brown as a hair color is rich, vibrant and classy allowing space to experiment by blending it with many other colors.

From a simple, safe brown to a striking mocha or molten caramel highlight, chocolate brown compliments and accentuates one's face in no time. We have a top stylist from green trends, Arun Babu, sharing insights on jaw-dropping chocolate inspired hair makeover that will lift your spirits instantly. The perfect shade of chocolate for a client is basedon the undertone of her skin. A consultation to identify whether the client has warm, cool or neutral skin tone is very important before the colour is decided:

Smooth chocolate: Chocolate hair colour with micro ombre adds a beautiful dimension to straight, fine hair. This blend of colour helps hair appear full and voluminous. Besides giving your hair a rich, vibrant appearance, it also gives a well-blended highlight that makes this style dynamic.

Chocolate fondue: If chocolate is your go-to flavour for anything at any point, then here is a smooth, silky hair colour that feels like it will melt if you stare too long. The technique of blending different hues of chocolate brown gives a lustrous feel to the hair that looks like it was dipped in a creamy bucket of chocolate fondue. The micro-highlights in this technique make the warm color pop giving it a striking finish.

Rich caramel twists: Just like the perfect swirls of caramel hidden beneath layers of chocolate that add a burst of flavours this hairstyle brings a vibrant appeal to the overall look by blending together rich red hues and brown. A blend of these rich, dark colours create a beautiful dimension and looks great on all skin tones.

Cocoa goodness: We know how much one cannot get enough of rich, decadent chocolate. If you are one of those true-blue chocolate lovers, the perfect hair colour is to go all out with a cocoa deep brown. Perfect for warm skin tone, this deep warm colour compliments any face shape and hair texture.

Piece balayage: Chunky balayage with dark chocolate hair is always a great idea for short hair and cool-toned skin. While the traditional balayage blends colours well, this style helps gradually incorporate chunky-balayge style highlights from the mid-lengths of the hair.

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