Getting pretty with Karisma Kapoor

Getting pretty with Karisma Kapoor

The actress talks about beauty, products, and fitness

When it comes to beauty, no one can quite compete with Karisma Kapoor. Her youthful and ageless good-looks are always in the spotlight making her the perfect pick for skincare brand Ponds. The actress spoke about what it takes to maintain such great skin.

When it comes to skincare, age is not just a number, do you agree and how early should women start focusing on skincare products?

I've always believed in aging gracefully. I think women should not get conscious, you know if they have a new age line or fine lines.

But at the same time, I must add that skincare is regardless of taking care of wrinkles. Women take their skin for granted a lot and it's not just about wrinkles.

It's about ensuring you are giving your skin the right ingredients and nutrition so that it's always glowing.

Invasive procedures or products... which do you think is sustainable in the long run with the least side effects and best results?

Each to its own. Because every woman is different. Every person is different, and it's their choice. But definitely I feel there are many wonderful products out there and as a personal choice, that is what I would rely on.

With entertainment platforms like Netflix and Amazon Prime there's a lot of great content which is seeing the light... do you think you'll consider a series if something good comes your way?

I love doing different things. So you never know what is next.

You've always had a great body but nonetheless with fitness gaining the spotlight what is your exercise routine

I keep it simple. I'm not you know, extremely hardcore about my workouts but I've always believed about being fit.

I think leading a healthy lifestyle is what I truly believe in. And I keep it simple like I do yoga, taking a brisk walk around my building compound. So you know, I think simple things go along.

Today women want to be fit and it's important that they realise that even workout can cause stress on your skin -- which is why you need to use the right products to help your skin cool down and maintain its vigor!

Last but certainly not the least, Christmas and New Year is right around the corner... what are your plans?

Well, I think it's always a festive time and it's an emotional time because it's Christmas for us, you know, our family - the Kapoor Family coming together at Shashi uncle's house.

I think everyone in their busy schedule always makes time to come for this particular Christmas lunch. So that's a very special Christmas.

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