Help your children cope with traumatic events

Help your children cope with traumatic events

Help your children cope with traumatic events


Make your child feel safe. All children, from toddlers to teens, will benefit from your touch extra cuddling, hugs or just a reassuring pat on the back. It gives them a feeling of security, which is so important in the aftermath of a frightening or disturbing event

In the wake of a traumatic event, your comfort, support and reassurance can make children feel safe, help them manage their fears, guide them through their grief, and help them recover in a healthy way.

Long term effects are mostly with their self-esteem and self-confidence and the ability to trust others and maybe have phobia or other psychological disorders which will affect their lives.

As a parent what you can do to help them is basically never judge them, try not to find the fault in them or help comforting them to their fears, avoid comparing them with other child and their siblings. What happens is when you judge you create a doubt in their minds whether they're good enough to do it or no. It's better to be supportive to your children and be positive by giving them the space to create what they can respect their space.

Rooshi Hashmi, Clinical Psychologist, Energy Therapist, sound healer and access bars facilitator shares, "You much spend as much as time you can, as it helps the child open up to you even more freely. One way they can also do is to teach them ask questions about things going on in their minds. Asking questions will help them to choose from different possibilities and create greater. You should also teach your kids to take responsibility for things happened in their life, allowing them to take responsibility which will help them make life choices more clearly and change it. With kids normally you can ask what their choice will create so that they know they create and then can change it accordingly."

Your kids need to replace the judgement with gratitude. most of the problems that happens in parenting is that they tend to judge a lot if you replace your judgement by gratitude by asking questions.

One of the factors that are concerned with parenting is that they strive to compare children to make sure they win and succeed things. Wining is not important. It is the journey that you go through. It's the passion or fun that you have in learning things. Give your child the scope to choose what they will have fun with so it is important to have gratitude, replace judgement to the gratitude, make being happy more important than succeeding into something. Love the child and help them flourish with the short comings of what they want to do.

What your kids want from you

Stop comparing their with your childhood. Things were really different back then, so stop comparing. Stop using these words and phrases; use your brain, are you deaf? Can't you see? Useless, careless, good for nothing and many more.

Stop showing off their skills. They would not be comfortable to dance in front of your friends. Don't force them to sing, dance or show their art work to your relatives or friends

Speak with a soft tone with them. They would get frustrated hearing you shout, every day and every single moment.

What kids want you to start doing

Smile please

They might not even remember when was the last time when they saw you smiling, while you would be carrying a frown on your face. This would irritate them.


There are many things that your kid would not be good at. But there are also things your kid would be good at. So a little bit appreciation would definitely encourage them.


Your elder child would feel miserable if you greet your younger child with a hug and ignore the elder one.


Though your kids love playing with their friends, but did you ever wonder how happy they would have been to play with their parents, if you take out some time from your schedule. Keep your mobile phones aside and play with them

Tell them a story

Your kids would love to listen to your childhood tales, especially about their mistakes, failures and mischief. Do not always keep telling them about all your achievements. This would make them scared, what if they can't achieve success the way you achieved?

Parents, wondering what to gift your child this holiday season, here's your list. Be present for your children and make parenting engaging and fulfilling.

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