Hydrate your body

Hydrate your bodyHydrate your body

We have all been through this, haven't we? Be it a short trip or a long flight, travelling during summer can...

We have all been through this, haven't we? Be it a short trip or a long flight, travelling during summer can cause havoc on your health. You need to pay attention to the water intake and content in your body during summers to avoid dehydration.

The high soaring temperature can take away all your energy and make it difficult for you to work during summers. Carrying fruit, vegetable juices, special summer drinks while traveling help you fight the heat as they are easy to carry and can be consumed while on-the-go as well. Here are few summer drink options that you must keep in your bag this summer.

Sattu drink

You can opt for a sattu drink from the market, add some sugar and stir it well to enjoy a refreshing drink during summers. You can prepare this drink within a few minutes and it will keep you healthy and make you feel refreshed in no time.


Lemonade is considered to be one of the traditional drink, it is one of the best and most delicious things to have during summers. It can be made at home in no time and works better than most of the energy drinks and add to your body the desired nutrition and energy that you need during summers.


Chaas is the Indian term for buttermilk. Chaas comes handy for those days when you feel bloated or do not want to eat anything or are uncomfortable due to the high temperature. Having a chilled glass of chaas will make you feel better. It has salt and spices added to it which makes it tastier and making it a ready to drink product.

Healthy fruit and veggie juices

For the time-crunched people who are generally away from home and miss those childhood days while ending up skipping breakfast, cold-extracted juices can provide the best solution. You can also opt for 'cold extracted' fresh fruits and veggie juices and nutritious nut milk and nectars from Second Nature. Second Nature provides high on nutrition and interesting solo as well as juice combinations, such as mango almond juice, mango, pineapple and dragon fruit juice with an aim to boost overall health and will help your body in staying cool and hydrated.

Coconut water

Coconut water is considered as one of the best solutions for hydration and will even uplift your energy with the nutrients that are lost through sweating. You can pour coconut water in a plastic bottle which will be easy to carry for your daily routine and will make you feel refreshed on any hot summer day.

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