It is not diet but consistency that one needs

It is not diet but consistency that one needs

Luke Coutinho seen addressing the participants at session on Life After Covid


Explains renowned Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coach Luke Coutinho

Diet is a negative word. It is not diet but consistency that one needs, said renowned Integrative Lifestyle Medicine and Life Coach Luke Coutinho addressed the gathering of women entrepreneurs, professionals and others at a session organized by FLO Hyderabad Chapter here on Monday.

In a tete-a-tete with Shubhraa Maheshwari, Chairperson, FICCI FLO Hyderabad Chapter spoke on a lot of topics related to health and wellness in a session titled 'Life after Covid: Essential Lifestyle changes to make'. What food you ate as a child growing up is the food that you need to eat today. If it was health for you in your growing years, then it is healthy for you too. We are accustomed to it. We can't eat as much soy or tofu as the Chinese as we are not accustomed to it. Stick to traditional Indian food, he advised.

Answering a question on Covid related problems like hair fall, etc. especially in women. Luke said that hair fall is a normal process in women, but it is also due to the side-effects of Covid vaccine that lot of things are happening. It happens because our vitamin levels are not good when we take the vaccine. Even irregular mensuration cycles, blood clots are happening, but it will be back to normal after some time. If it is taking too long, it is better to see a doctor, he said.

After Covid we see that many people jump into exercising, it is better that we ease into it and increase the level slowly. Any exercise that develops flexibility, mobility, strength, endurance and weight bearing is good. But Yoga is ideal as it gives everything. See what works for your body type and do that. Don't follow trends like Pilates, running, swimming, etc. Movement is more important than exercise, he said.

Addressing the gathering, Luke said that there are four main causes for health and wellness problems to rise viz. nutritional deficiency, lack of exercise, sleep deprivation and stress. Sleep is very important, stressed Luke. Sleep is when growth and repair happens, detox takes place when you sleep. When you sleep your body creates balance of hormones. When you have correct balance, things get better, Luke said.

In our zeal to over-perform, over-achieve and multi-task, we make simple but achievable deadlines to become big problem. Deadlines were always there, the point is whether deadline is coming on the amount of work we are taking up to perform more, Luke said.

To those who are sleep deprived, Luke said that that for a minimum of 3 days, wake up at the same time daily, preferably get up before sunrise. Whatever time you sleep, wake up at the same time. If you are not getting sleep, don't take your mobile and get on social media. For not getting enough sleep the problem is not the smartphone, it is you, Luke declared.

Our body needs good fats, vegetables, fruits and nuts. Everyone feels that fruits are healthy and take on a huge fruit platter, it is wrong. Take one or two fruits in a day and space it out, Luke informed the gathering. What we get in the market, is highly processed. Wood churned oils as in the olden days is better than refined oils, he opined. Wheat flour that we get is highly processed. Whole wheat flour is better, he said. Luke urged the audience to listen to what your body says and eat only what your body agrees to. Seasonal vegetables and fruits must be had as they prepare one for the next season, informed Luke.

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