Loving every inch of your curves

Loving every inch of your curves

Loving every inch of your curves


We’re all about embracing your body for what it is—and loving every inch of your curves (or lack thereof).

We're all about embracing your body for what it is—and loving every inch of your curves (or lack thereof). But we're also staunch believers in dressing in a way that makes you feel your best . So, with our short friends in mind, we've pulled together some styling tips that will only emphasise your petite frame and help you take up the space that you deserve. Don't worry, we won't tell you to try six-inch heels, but we will help you figure out a way to dress that can help you gain a few (vertical) inches.

Show some ankle

If you think this is our clever way of hinting that you should avoid wearing pants that are too long for you, you're right. Aside from steering you clear of messy, dragging hems and bunched skinny jeans, showing just a sliver of ankle between the end of your pants and the beginning of your boots or sneakers will trick others into thinking you're at least 5'6"...even if you're just shy of 4'8".

Stray from your straight jeans

That said, you don't only have to stick to super slim denim—so long as it can easily be altered. We're huge fans of the current split-hem trend, since it's not quite a bell bottom but can be worn with a few different styles of shoes, from pointy flats to round-toe booties. And, if you opt for a pair that are too long, any tailor should be able to shorten this style and extend the split-hem detail, without altering the impact of the silhouette. Which, as you might know, isn't always the case with flares.

Go for a crop top

Before you roll your eyes and keep scrolling—hear us out! We're not saying you need to bare your bellybutton at all times. Instead, try out tops that hit no lower than your hip bones. This will even out the proportion between your torso and your legs, which is something a tunic cannot do. Pair yours with high-waisted jeans or even a skirt that's cut a little higher on the hip to really nail this look.

Skip shapeless dresses

To risk sounding like your mother, sack dresses do absolutely nothing for your figure. It's important to know which trends and pieces work for your stature and unfortunately, these roomy dresses will work against you by absolutely swallowing you in fabric. You're much better off with wrap details, slim sheaths or fit-and-flare numbers that won't totally engulf you.

Roll up your sleeves

If shirtsleeves tend to extend a few inches below your wrist, you risk looking sloppy the second your step out the door. The easy fix here is just to roll those sleeves up to your mid-arm or elbow. Whether you go for neat folds or a haphazard push, roll, scrunch method, you'll no longer be living in the shadows of the generous sleeves of your button-down shirt.

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