Make Food Your Fertility Friend

Make Food Your Fertility Friend

Make Food Your Fertility Friend


From ungodly work hours, nutrient dead foods, socializing late into the night, lack of sleep and disregard to heath – the millennials truly have a lot on their plate.

From ungodly work hours, nutrient dead foods, socializing late into the night, lack of sleep and disregard to heath – the millennials truly have a lot on their plate. These factors can lead to obesity, irregular menstrual cycle, Poly Cystic Ovarian Disorder and in some even infertility. Late marriage, reduced family time and fatigue too play a role in infertility. Include my simple suggestions in your daily routine to combat infertility.

Seed the way: Let me tell you pumpkin seeds are a wonderful source of B Vitamins, Zinc and Essential Fatty Oils which support normal sexual function in both genders. Along with this, sunflower seeds too have a positive effect in boosting fertility due to the trifecta of zinc, magnesium and vitamin E. Flax seeds contain anti- androgen factors that maintain menstrual health in women suffering from irregular periods.

Fat check : I advocate consuming good quality fats like desi cow's ghee, coconut oil, omega-3 and 6 rich walnuts, over trans and unsaturated fat. So fear not the fat as it supports insulin sensitivity as insulin plays a major role in maintaining and balancing hormones and weight.

Herbs and spices : I often find myself looking towards the Indian herbs and spice box for natural remedies. Ashwagandha, Saffron, Tulsi, Nutmeg, Garlic and Saffron all have individual properties that increase blood flow to the sexual organs. Ashwagandha is specifically known to cure infertility.

Pulses and dals: I guide my clients to include plant based proteins like beans, moong, masoor, toor, chickpea in their fertility promoting diet. These are proven to be more effective in regularizing the menstrual cycle and are rich in folic acid which plays an integral role in conception.

Roasted cocoa bites: My favourite way to get my cocoa fix is in the form of roasted and unsweetened whole cocoa pieces! Cocoa is rich in magnesium which promotes sexual health.

Honey : Consuming organic raw honey in small amounts is an age old cure that has been scientifically proven to boost sperm and egg quality count. So I say replace your refined sugar with honey sweetener, but remember to limit to a small quantity.

Eating fresh: I strongly support consuming fresh produce in all your meals to help keep you fertile. Eating fresh and seasonal fruits, vegetables and grains restricts intake of pesticides and other chemicals which when eaten in excess may put the body under undue physical, biological and mental stress.

Nothing in excess: Excessive consumption of caffeine and alcohol has linking to female infertility. Swap these for herbal teas like chamomile, ginger and tulsi that also help de-stress. I advise you to believe in the simple 'K.I.S.S.' method when it comes to choosing fertility boosting foods that is- Keep It Simple Silly! We simply do not need to look anywhere but our kitchens as Indian foods can make your love life healthy.

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