Mommy's back to eco-friendly tradition for their babies

Mommy’s back to eco-friendly tradition for their babies

Mommy’s back to eco-friendly tradition for their babies


Breaking the stereotype, Indian mothers are happily shifting from disposable diapers to eco-friendly reusable cloth diaper

We live in a world where everyone seems to love things that come with ease. But the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic has taught us that easy comes with a heavy price and it doesn't necessarily mean better. It brought us a much needed wakeup call that our environment and our planet should never be taken for granted.

To build a healthy future for kids' people need to actively look at sustainable living conditions, spread awareness and thoroughly understand that every step we take impacts everyone around us, quite literally.

We spoke to Mumbai-based Pallavi Utagi, a mother of a six-year-old kid and founder of SuperBottoms. She gave some tips to save babies from the common diaper rash.

Shift from disposable diapers to eco-friendly cloth diapers

Many parents are now actively looking at a solution which not only keep their babies healthy but also keeps the planet happy and are thoughtfully choosing organic, natural and reusable materials. A huge number of mothers are looking at alternatives to disposable diapers which is one of the most frequently bought item for a small baby and are moving towards reusable diapers which not only provide the benefits offered by the disposable diapers but also are better for the baby's skin. We must understand why disposable diapers are such a big menace for the Mother Earth.

A lot of toxic chemicals and materials get used in manufacturing disposable diapers which could be linked to negative health outcomes such as rashes on the bum which is a common concern for many parents. The modern variants of diapers made of cloth don't use the same components and are essentially made of organic cloth/natural fibres which are skin-friendly, breathable and soft for the baby. It's hard to beat the feel of natural fibres against the skin any day.

Can a diaper made of cloth really match the performance of a disposable diaper?

Absolutely yes. Modern variations of cloth diapers really offer all the benefits of disposable diapers, long hours absorbency, dry feel, waterproof. So they provide the convenience of disposables along with the goodness of cloth which makes them easy to use with no side effects on the baby or the planet. They are free of harmful and toxic chemicals which in turn makes them extremely skin friendly for the sensitive skin of the baby.

They are washable and reusable which in turn saves the effort and cost of stocking up diapers making them a very economical diapering option. Definitely a boon during these times as you won't need to make the quick trips to the medical store every now and then.

Modern cloth diapers are way cuter than disposables as they come in a variety of prints, colours, patterns and textures. They are adjustable and hence, fit babies from newborns till they're potty trained. Also, it's an easy switch to potty train them if the little ones are already used to cloth since the beginning.

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