Quick start your instant makeover

Quick start your instant makeover

Quick start your instant makeover


It will be wedding season soon and as we all come out of our burrows ready to dress in are finest, we must pay attention to our neglected bodies.

It will be wedding season soon and as we all come out of our burrows ready to dress in are finest, we must pay attention to our neglected bodies. Your post- pandemic figure won't be fetching you the compliments you are normally used to but you needn't worry. Allow me to be your Fairy God Mother and I will transform you into the true beauty that you are. So gear up to adopt the following changes and get yourself an instant makeover.

Get rid of sugar

Let me tell you, your daily chocolate binge and after meal dessert are doing you more harm than you know. Not only does processed sugar take up blood sugar but it also causes inflammation within the body. Inflammation leads to swelling of the limbs, water –retention, joint pain and puts you at risk for numerous diseases. Sugar is like a drug, you will keep wanting more and more so put an end to it before you get addicted.

Change your breakfast with high fibre

Fibre is at the forefront of this makeover. Fuel yourself with a delicious boost of fibre to give you energy to sustain the day. Fibre adds satiation, preventing you from binging on snacks through the day. High fibre breakfasts include - Idli, Dosa, upma with a vegetable sambhar etc.

Increase water

I consider water to be my favourite drink. This elixir of life, keeps you rejuvenated and hydrated. Having 2-3 litre of water daily will ensure you bowels are smooth, fatigue is at bay and your face is spot free.

50% of your plate with vegetables

If you want ever-glowing, smooth and supple skin then 50% of every meal meal must be seasonal, local vegetables. They contain a plethora of vitamins and minerals that are required for many body processes, keep energy levels up and keep your brain buzzing.

Power of protein

Choosing good quality protein is essential. Many a time's people choose high fat and chemically packed protein choices. Plant based protein like lentils, whole pulses made into sambhars, curries etc. are the way to go.

Replace nightly news with extra snooze

Staying up late at night watching television or scrolling through your phone is a vice many of us have adopted. Sleep on early to prevent late night binges and poor energy levels through the day. Quality sleep keeps your mind fresh and body optimally functioning.

Move your body or lose your body

This is the advice I give all my clients. A good lifestyle is incomplete without optimum exercise. Be it a walk, dancing, swimming, yoga or playing a sport, engaging in an exercise you enjoy is the best way to get in daily movement. Follow these easy tips and get yourself the make-over of your dreams.

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