Voice against human trafficking, slavery

Voice against human trafficking, slavery

Red Rope Movement founded by Chrysolyte Sanamanda sensitizes people and creates awareness evils of human trafficking. While girls are pushed into pornography and prostitution, boys are made to work as slaves in inhuman conditions

Red Rope Movement founded by Chrysolyte Sanamanda made everyone to realise the importance of creating awareness on human trafficking and the need to provoke the thoughts of people of two Telugu States as being Andhrites.

She very well comprehends the taboo around prostitution, sex, pornography, abuse, rape and many more atrocities unleashed on women.

Explaining her journey, she says, "Actually, the movement started in early 2019 after knowing the fact that 18.6 million people are suffering on daily basis because they don't have any other choice.

As a part of survey, I went to brothels and red light areas and interacted with them regarding how they were trafficked.

I was shocked to know that 36 per cent of women, knowingly or unknowingly, were trafficked by their parents and relatives, who think that their kids were earning, but actually they were pushed into pornography or into prostitution.

27 per cent of women land in red light zone because of cheating by their boyfriends, who sold them for paltry sums. These were some of the shocking tales which made me to start Redride."

Raising her voice against women abuse and women degradation, Sanamanda says, "Empowering girls is more important than any other thing in the society.

They should at least finish their graduation by the time they leave their parents and start earning." She states that her campaign is for all genders, it is not only for women, but also for men.

"Most of the people think that my fight is against women trafficking, but it is actually about human trafficking. In the present days, even men and young boys are being trafficked.

For example, if you take a delivery guy or a cab service driver, they work for so long time but still they are least paid. This is just because lack of choice. Many young boys are sold are trafficked into small manufacturing companies where they are made to work for hours in inhuman conditions.

My fight is against trafficking and for equality of pay."

Did you observe any change in the people after hearing your words? "Yes of course, they got aware about what is right and what is wrong. They got aware about how to behave with boyfriends. If they love anyone, they should introduce them to their parents.

If he has the capability, he will marry or else the relation should be stopped in the first step itself. Many kids came and spoke to me and shared their experiences. I could see the confidence returning in their faces."

She opines that the change in the mindset leads to change in situations. She says, "If a girl is in trouble, everyone should think of helping her, taking care of her and making her to reach her home safe but the reality is far from it and very opposite.

People start abusing the girl and objectify her. If such mindset is changed, there will be a change in the situation."

She believes that the major reason is pornography. She says, "According to a survey, it is proven that, between the age of eight to twelve years, people are introduced to porn by family members, friends and seniors or by any other."

About her inspiration she says, "Actually, my dad is a pastor and he runs an old age home. I used to spend time in the old age home.

After finishing my education in IIM, Calcutta, I worked for six years as an HR and training assistant. After hearing about some facts about trafficking and slavery, I stepped into it and is moving forward."

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