Wellness startup for joy & mental peace

Wellness startup for joy & mental peace

Wellness startup for joy & mental peace


Nuthan Manohar quit her job in brand consulting after suffering from various mental and physical ailments, and started 'Me Met Me'

Nuthan, 40-year-old, is an international trainer, primary researcher, and a TEDx speaker on wellbeing. She started working in behaviour, research and strategy for various multinational brands. Had the privilege of managing 11 countries in Asia Pacific by the time she was 28, for multinational clients like Oreos, Bausch & Lomb etc.

In 2010, she decided to answer her calling into wellbeing. By then she was personally well acquainted with depression, anxiety, insomnia, grief, hormonal imbalances, palpitations which were a tiny tip of a very large iceberg of diseases. Her medical bills were more than my monthly salary.

With her years of experience in behaviour and research, she walked on a journey to reclaim joy, peace and purpose of body and mind. The greatest contribution came from yoga, vedic psychology and ayurveda. Nuthan says, "My TEDx talk is about a lush rose oil blend that helps ease the grief and pain of a heartbreak. My startup, Me Met Me has won various state, national and international accolades in the field of yoga, therapy, community betterment and innovation. We are incubated by IIM Bangalore, backed by The Alchemist, Sunil Handa and a team of believers. I have taught across Asia, Europe and Middle East."

Me Met Me offers science backed corporate workshops and therapeutic perfumery on stress, insomnia and happiness. The processes are based on a decade of research into behaviour, psycho sensory interactions and mind body interventions mostly inspired from vedic wisdom and modern science. The perfumery is based on Ayurvedic theory of body type and psychological states, the oils are sourced from global best suppliers Synthite.

Me Met Me founded in 2013, a boutique Yoga and Wellbeing Center in Kochi. By now, she had researched and created 90 different mind body intervention modules, 15 olfaction concepts. They have compressed it to offer six solutions for stress, insomnia, focus, heartbreak, women health and winter depression areas.

Ayurvedic essential oil blends

Principals of Ayurveda propounds the Tridosha Theory based on the understanding that the universe is composed of five elemental concepts of Panchabhuta – fire, air, space, earth, water. The Tridosha theory in turn defines vata as a combination of air and space, pitta as a combination of fire and water, kapha as a combination of earth and water.

Each individual has a unique combination of vata pitta Kapha in their body constitution, known as Prakriti. They may show dominant features of one or two doshas or rarely all three.

Depending on the Prakriti of the individual, they respond on to weather conditions differently. For instance an individual with a vata body type would find it difficult to bear cold, windy, dry weather conditions and is healthier during summers. Therefore Ritu or the season plays an important role in Ayurveda.

The blends I create are personalised based on the body type and the challenge that needs to be addressed - insomnia, stress etc. After all one size does not fit all.

She aims to launch workshops and perfumery especially on stress and sleep into Europe, personalised perfumery and scale up by going digital with the perfumery in future.

Her past clients includes The Indian Navy, including the Chief of Staff, LinkedIn, Cognizant, EY, Aster Medcity, Times of India, Tata Consultancy Services, Nirbhaya, Bali Spirit Festival, Pure Yoga, Visual IQ, Kerala Tourism and Kerala Police.

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