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Kiran Dembla

Kiran Dembla


Kiran Dembla, a celebrity fitness instructor and trainer shares her diet and tips for losing weight

Kiran, a 46 year old, is one among the very few (if not only) women from Hyderabad who sports a six-pack body and has represented the country in the World Bodybuilding Championship in Budapest.

Kiran reduced around 24 to 25 kgs in seven months and for Kiran, her family has been very supportive.

Kiran shares, "When I decided to lose weight, my kids were very small. I clearly explained to both my kids and my husband that I wanted to live a healthy and fit life. As I explained how important how important it was to me, they support me wholeheartedly."

Kiran starts her day with a handful of almonds, it is a part of her daily routine. She adds, "I eat a very healthy diet in which everything is included; fiber, vegetables, fruits, high proteins, minerals, nuts like almonds, green leafy vegetables like spinach and protein supplements too. Sometimes I indulge in rice, but only brown rice. I always take care of the portion control. The quantity of food can lead to gaining/ losing weight. So, portion control is very important. I maintain different diets depending on what I want the end result to be. If I want extreme body, I follow a high protein diet. For daily routine, I eat a well-balanced meal including rice, vegetables, and nuts like almonds and fruits which are good for digestion. I also love green tea, ginger tea."

World Bodybuilding Championship in Budapest

It was the first championship that Kiran attended which was in 2013. It was an out of the world experience for her.

She adds, "I cannot put into words the great experience of being on stage after putting in all the hard work but at the same time I felt quite conscious to be in a bikini, since I am an Indian. But then I thought to myself, 'No, this is the time when you have to perform otherwise all the training hours and what you did will go waste. Just perform well, Kiran'. I got the sixth rank out of the twenty in the world.In 2013, I built my body, though I was not thinking for the championship then; I just wanted to maintain my form for myself.

I wanted to do something in fitness, so, I thought let's do this. I simply built my body for a photoshoot and fortunately, the Indian Body Building Federation (IBBF) saw my pictures on the internet and they directly called me for World Body Building Championship. After that, I prepared my body for this competition.It was a real challenge and I wanted to challenge myself. There was an intuition in my life that something will happen after this championship, like a sixth sense you can say. I thought that I want to see myself on the stage."

For Kiran, it's not about winning and losing but it's all about the challenge and working towards it."

"I don't believe in size zero, I just believe in a healthy body. When I trained few celebrities, especially women, according to their role I have helped them achieve size zero, but that is something different. When it comes to normal, non-celebrity women, I always believe healthy and toned body works best," shares the celebrity body builder.

Almonds help you to lose weight

Almonds are multi-purpose for people who want to lose weight or stay fit in general. You can snack on it the first thing in the morning, instead of a chai/coffee because they are rich in Vitamin B2, Vitamin E, magnesium, and phosphorus, nutrients known for their role in energy release from food. It serves as a very healthy snack to include in your daily diet; it keeps your hunger at bay in between meals, and helps you stay on your fitness track.

Almonds are a great snacking option because it consists satiating properties that promotes feeling of fullness and stops you from reaching for that bag of chips. Another great way to benefit from almonds is to consume is as a pre/post workout snack. In your journey towards weight loss, only a handful of these power-packed nuts can help you achieve your fitness goals.

Balanced diet, workout do matter

Having right nutrition, a balanced diet and working out is important to lose weight. Working out according to your fitness level and comfort is very important. It helps to take the help of a fitness instructor when you begin your fitness journey.

At the same time, you should take utmost care of what you eat. Replace unhealthy food with healthy home cooked meals consisting of a lot of veggies, fruits and healthy nuts like almonds. Replace all junk food with almonds which are a great source of protein, a nutrient which is not only energy-yielding, but also known to contribute to growth and maintenance of muscle mass.

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