Navigating Higher Education in US through scholarship

Navigating Higher Education in US through scholarship

The pursuit of higher education in the United States is a dream for many students worldwide, offering unparalleled academic opportunities, cultural experiences, and career prospects.

The pursuit of higher education in the United States is a dream for many students worldwide, offering unparalleled academic opportunities, cultural experiences, and career prospects. However, the cost of attending college or university in the US can be prohibitively high, often presenting a significant barrier to access for many aspiring students. In such cases, scholarships play a crucial role in making higher education in the US more accessible and affordable for deserving students.

According to recent data from the Ministry of External Affairs, over 13 lakh Indian students pursued their education across 79 countries in 2022. Popular destinations included the UK, USA, Australia, Canada, Ireland, UAE, and Germany.

Numerous governments globally extend scholarships to international students, emphasizing academic excellence to strengthen diplomatic and educational bonds. Moreover, universities and institutions offer financial aid to students from underprivileged backgrounds, encompassing tuition fees, living expenses, and sometimes supplementary resources like books and supplies.

One of the most significant advantages of scholarships is their ability to open doors to prestigious institutions that students may not have considered due to financial constraints. Many top-ranked universities in the US offer generous scholarship programs to attract and support talented students from diverse backgrounds. These scholarships not only provide financial assistance but also offer access to world-class education, renowned faculty, cutting-edge research facilities, and a vibrant campus community. Scholarship availability is like a treasure hunt, with destinations, subjects, and levels of study acting as secret keys to unlock financial aid. Some scholarships even treat extracurricular activities and volunteering like golden tickets, elevating your chances of winning big.

Below mentioned are popular scholarship opportunities for aspiring students eyeing higher education in the United States:

AP Ambedkar Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarship: The Ambedkar AP Overseas Vidya Nidhi Scholarship, an initiative by the Government of Andhra Pradesh�??s Welfare Department, aims to aid students from marginalized communities in pursuing higher education at leading international institutions. Eligible Andhra Pradesh students from SC, ST, BC, EBC, and Kapu communities with a post-matric education background can apply online. The scholarship, amounting to 10-15 lakhs INR, supports courses in Engineering, Science, Management, Medicine, and more, across countries like the USA, UK, Canada, and Australia, requiring a minimum of 60% marks, 75% attendance, and English proficiency test scores.

Overseas Scholarships For Scheduled Tribes-Madhya Pradesh: The Overseas Scholarship for Scheduled Tribe (OSFST) scheme, aims to provide financial assistance to students belonging to Scheduled Tribes in India to pursue higher education abroad. Administered by the Tribal Welfare Department of the respective state governments, the scheme covers tuition fees, living expenses, and other educational costs for approved courses in foreign universities. Eligible candidates must meet specific academic criteria and apply through the online portal for consideration under this scheme.

United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF): The United States-India Educational Foundation (USIEF) offers academic guidance, fellowship support and facilitates academic dialogue between the US and India. The USIEF has awarded around 20,000 grants through the Fulbright and other scholarships, making India one of the largest beneficiaries of the world's largest educational scholarship program.

Fulbright Foreign Student programme (Government Funded): The Fulbright Foreign Student Program, spanning over 160 countries, recognized as a prestigious government-funded initiative. This scholarship gives young professionals, artists, and overseas graduate students the chance to study in the US for a year or longer. It supports exceptional people with resources, financing, and assistance, encouraging leadership, cross-cultural cooperation, and academic performance across a range of subject areas.

Hubert Humphrey Fellowship programme (Government Funded): The goal of the H. Humphrey Fellowship Program is to develop global leadership and teamwork in order to bring about positive change on a global scale. This is a non-degree fellowship that allows candidates to pursue their education across different universities. It provides funding for 10 months to study in the US.

Scholarships play a vital role in navigating higher education in the US, making it more accessible, affordable, and inclusive for deserving students. By providing financial support, academic recognition, and personal empowerment, scholarships empower students to pursue their academic and career aspirations with confidence and determination. As students embark on their higher education journey in the US, scholarships serve as catalysts for success, opportunity, and lifelong achievement. While every scholarship has its eligibility criteria, it's essential to thoroughly research and contact university admission centers for any doubts.

(The author is Joint Managing Director, Career Mosaic)

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