Anatomy of soft terror in India

Anatomy of soft terror in India

India is being held captive. Not by any external enemy but by some of our very own countrymen - who are paradoxically threatened by their own country’s growing strength.

India is being held captive. Not by any external enemy but by some of our very own countrymen - who are paradoxically threatened by their own country's growing strength.

India , a nation that has the third best military in the world has to now confront the reality of having to create an equally powerful army to tackle the internal enemies .

The planned protests across the nation for no legitimate reason signal the growing frustration of a helpless opposition that is unable to destabilise Modi- led government in India .

When the hope of democratically winning national elections is decimated by the ruling BJP, resorting to diabolic means seems to be their only option – which they took readily unleashing soft terror in India.

It was a great surprise for many to see protests spreading across the nation like raging bush fires of Australia. What perhaps is more shocking is the ease and pace at which they spread, indicating a 'mature ecosystem' that is ready to explode with a single command .

What started as anti-CAA protests collected Islam religious propaganda along the way , meandered into ' freedom to Kashmir ' issues and is now whirling around ' Brahminical patriarchy' ! Nobody really knows why they are protesting. They don't seem to care either.

They appear to be just happy pleasing their sponsors who made meticulous efforts over the decades to baptise them into left liberal ideology where lawlessness is supreme.

Unfortunately, they have no idea that they have been shaped into ammunition for unleashing soft terror in the country . These rioters remain blissfully unaware of the consequences of their own acts – sadly according to them these are acts of ' heroism '!

Its now important to see how this soft terror ecosystem was nurtured and groomed.

A glimpse of soft terror ecosystem

To understand the dangerous ecosystem of soft terror in India, it's important to go beyond its benign appearance , soft contours and fragile presentation .

The people in this well rounded mature ecosystem range from decorated poets , Bollywood actors , former bureaucrats , spoiled brats , human rights activists to hardcore terrorists .

Their camaraderie is visible when all of them erupt in joy at the slightest hint of India's failure – be it in cricket or in Space Science. They hate India and they wear it as a badge of honour. They will live in India to ensure that India doesn't ! That's their DNA.

Coming to the brass tacks, the anti-CAA protest were the worst in UP and its easy to guess why ! UP under Yogi Adityanath is racing ahead .

Under his leadership lakhs of jobs were created and lakhs of houses were built . Law and order has never been so good . Crores of toilets and LPG cylinders were given and most importantly 36,000 crores worth farmer loans were waived off for 80 lakh farmers .

Investigations threw up PFI involvement in UP riots. Now , what is PFI and how is it significant in this soft terror discourse ?

The Popular Front of India (PFI), a radical Islamist organization that is in the same bracket as Al-Queda , Lashkar-e-Taiba ,Jaish-e-Mohammed has penetrated more than 12 states of India .

It started its operations in Kerala claiming that its objective is to uplift the poor and empower women , dalits & religious minorities.

But it seems to have no track record of lifting people out of poverty or empowering women. On the contrary , since its inception, the organisation has been accused of various anti-national activities like colluding with various Islamic terrorist groups, possessing arms,, kidnapping, murders , intimidations , hate campaigns, rioting, love Jihad and acts of extremism.

The organisation shot into limelight after its violent act of chopping off a hand of T J Joseph, a lecturer from Ernakulam district of Kerala in 2010.

Joseph's hand was hacked for preparing a question paper which, according to the them, insulted Prophet Mohammad and hurt the sentiments of Muslims! The former Chief Minister of Kerala, V.S. Achuthanandan was known to have said that the PFI and its allies were plotting to Islamise the state of Kerala .

In 2012, the Government of Kerala informed the High Court that PFI is "nothing but a resurrection of the banned outfit Students Islamic Movement of India (SIMI) - the very next year a series of raids by the Kerala Police on PFI centres across Kerala found lethal weapons, foreign currency, human shooting targets, bombs, explosive raw materials, gunpowder, swords, among other things. The raids revealed its "Terror Face".

When media exposed PFI involvement in UP riots , political parties like AIMIM and Congress jumped to their defence ! PFI started in Kerala (2006) spread into many states like Karnataka, AP, Manipur and Jharkhand .

They entered Karnataka during Congress regime and recently an MP from Mamta Banerjee's Trinamul Congress gave consent to speak at their gathering. We can now safely say that PFI had support from regional political parties to spread across the country.

This dangerous outfit has a well-trained cadre , many organisational units and an anti-India agenda . It is being funded by Pakistani diaspora living in West Asia , Europe , USA and Australia .

Their role in the current protests can be understood from the fact that PFI commemorated anti-Sikh riot of 1984 and Babri Masjid demolition of 1992. It has a close nexus with human rights organisations around the world .

Needless to say our very own human rights activists who do not allow rapists to be hanged and fight for clemency of terrorists like Afzal guru support PFI.

These Human Rights activists in India are in nexus with some Bollywood actors and suave poets like Javed Akthar and his ilk . These well- to- do poets and authors produce and supply copious anti-India content to left leaning students of JNU .

These students connect to their peers across the country for a country wide protest where you see placards with 'Freedom to Kashmir, Brahminical patriarchy, Allah is the greatest "being displayed.

This deliberate 'mix-up' messaging by the unsuspecting students is to send the message to the world at large that the whole country is against Modi & Shah . Soft Terrorism is all about glitz and glamour .

Its about literature, lit fests , poetry , mellifluous language , and chicanery over endless cups of coffee. Lit fests are the hot spots for breeding anti-Indians. They are hubs for innovative baptism into left liberal ideologies . No right winger is invited here to speak .

Lit fests are the new hunting grounds – for luring unsuspecting hopeful young authors into the world of left liberalism. Today, they are proving to be just a one way street to the dark world of excitement – be it through poetry , literature , activism and terrorism.

What India needs right now is an organisation that is like R&AW but with a small difference: It needs to have a bunch of psychologists, psychiatrists among others as a part of the team .

That's because what PM Modi and Home Minister Amit Shah have on their hands is not a simple problem . It's complex . It's to do with Indians - our very own family members that have gone rogue.

Brothers and sisters who wish to live with you yet are against you. They need your resources to survive yet don't hesitate to sell you to the enemies. Get rid of this enemy? Damned if you do and damned if you don't !

Caught in this vicious bind is India today, a nation that is being projected as on of the top three nations of the world in the next decade !

In my opinion, it's not just National Register of citizens (NRC) that India needs .We have to make every citizen take an oath of residency . Just like lawyers and ministers who swear to be loyal to the Constitution, every citizen in in this country should take an oath and swear to be loyal to India !

(The writer is BJP leader, president, Futuristic Cities, global thought leader, advisor on smart cities, governance & policy)

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