Government schools continue to play a vital role

Modern parents are susceptible to expect academic and multi-dimensional excellence from the children studying in Corporate/ Digi/Techno Schools (the word Digi and Techno is a hallucinatory creation) and that's why parents are enticed to shell out an exorbitant amount of money even if it is beyond their affordability. Parents can't resist falling into dichotomous thinking and this leads to sprawling of private schools like water hyacinth.

But unfortunately, we are unable to realise the bare reality of current situation in government schools, the life line of a billion people, where colossal minds are harvested and great human beings are chiselled. Only here you would find the

finesse of pure intelligence, blossoming minds of lateral thinking and ploughing the young minds with unwavering commitment, and a vast horizon of the pinnacle of human excellence, cultivated by dedicated team of well trained, dedicated teachers, and benevolent benefactors and god-like villagers.

Here in the government schools, you'd find the child exploring his/her own Self, in his vast spaces of inner worlds, carving out his latent potential by trial and error method or in the process of his all consummate curiosity which is manifest in 90 per cent of children in government schools.

Here, the child is taught to think, not taught to learn or learn by rote certain material. His intrinsic freedom is, unlike in private schools, is not is allowed to flourish in its own unique ways.

It's not surprising to see, if we keenly observe, many budding mathematicians, scientists, poets and engineers are produced in government schools. children synchronise themselves with harmonious tunes of mother nature. They grow with the burrows, cuckoos, cocoons and nightingales of the woods. So, we let our life line survive...pray let us not strangulate it because it is the backbone of our nation, satiates the intellectual thirst of a billion people, producing thousands of gigantic minds, minds that altered history of mankind.

Such great minds are manufactured in government schools, the veritable factory of intelligence, humanity and passion.

It is in the Government Schools only where the child runs, skips, jumps and saunters according to his will. It's here only where the child laughs aloud and cries aloud. It's here only you would find children playing Kabaddi and Kho Kho. It's here only the nature sings with innocent laughter of children.

If we wish to see the visual pleasure of natural childhood, we would see it in the hallowed halls of the government schools, the only lifeline that runs through our backbone called India.

That lifeline is surviving amidst many impediments thanks to the patronage of the parents in the rural terrain where the underprivileged sections are still feeling it as the altar of education.

Government schools remain altar of education for fifty per cent of the pupils at the secondary school level in the Telangana state and during the recent years the government's initiative in the form of residential and modern schools along with Gurukul kind of education is helping them survive to the core.

Equipped with high profile educational credentials, the teachers in these great institutes of learning, leave their indelible impression in the minds of children that they would never forget in their lifetime. Because the child's psychophysical disposition takes shape during these formative years. Lots of lots of beta endorphins are released when the child is ecstatically happy, when the child hops, and dances in the glorious glow of freedom.

The teacher here, in the government schools, plays a creator's role where the child is moulded on the potter's wheel. Nature plays its own role side by side with the teacher's endeavour. With uncompromising honesty and integrity, the teacher in the government school, is regarded as a lighthouse. This is a sacred place which is an epistemic warehouse of the education.

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