Know commitment, know success

Know commitment, know success

Know commitment, know success


A life without aim and objectives is like a ship without a compass or an arrow that was shot without an aim

Success today depends a lot on one's academic achievements. And to excel in studies, one does not have to be just a brilliant student—but also one who knows how to manage studies and time. In fact, even a below-average student can perform exceedingly well by following a methodical system. Ask yourself first—am I just interested in more marks or am I 'committed' to effective study habits?

There is a big difference between these two. The difference between 'ordinary' and 'extra-ordinary' is that little 'extra'. We are expected to work to achieve that little 'extra'. The distinction between failure and success is doing a thing nearly right and doing it exactly right. The road to success is not to be run upon by a single leap but step by step, little by little, bit by bit—that is the way to wisdom, that is the way to wealth, that is the way to glory.

A committed student knows how to manage his/her time, control temptation, schedule time and work, have proper sleep and relax well. He/she possesses sound knowledge of diet control, rapid reading, building vocabulary, improving presentation, and discussing studies. He/She also knows how to overcome stress and utilise radio and television for academic progress.

In addition to these, a committed student is also aware of a plethora of clues on strategies for scoring highest marks, increasing the brain function, using effectively the techniques of better writing, preparing for public and competitive examinations, taking remedial measures and understanding the ways of tackling the question papers. Eventually, a committed student realizes the need for having aims in life and gives a meaning and direction to his/her life. Every individual must learn the above items in detail for betterment in studies.

To gather 10 grams of nectar, a honeybee visits about 40,000 flowers. Ants strive to gather their food, so that they can be happy during rainy and winter seasons. How many of us know that a wasp, along with its eggs, keeps the food in the hive for its yet to be formed baby wasps and seals the hive? Weaverbirds build wonderful nests. The Bible says, "Man is born to labour and the bird to fly." We should aspire high and labour to achieve our lofty goals.

The first step to achieve success is to define it. How can we define what success really is? Achieving goals is success to some people. It may mean owning material possessions or experiencing feelings such as being satisfied or happy. Success is a process of getting from one point to the next to those who set goals. For some people, success is related to their personal ambition like finding a mission of their heart's desire and fulfilling that mission.

Those who don't have a personal definition for committed study feel less successful. They are also less satisfied with their careers and their lives in general. Someone said wisely that we never plan to fail but we fail to plan. Goals and plans are like road maps. Surely, they will not guarantee us a smooth trip, but they will tell us the right direction in which we should travel. A life without aim and objectives is like a ship without a compass or an arrow that was shot without an aim. There is always a better way to excel in studies if we are committed. Good is not good when better is expected. We need to learn the game of study, not the tricks of the game. We can learn tricks at any time. But do tricks alone help us? The very fact of your choosing to read this article shows that you are genuinely interested to learn ways to study better and score more marks. Just like Spiderman/Superman/Shaktimaan is an extraordinary man, you should endeavour to become a studious student.

This is what commitment means. You need to be ready to experiment. Your commitment must be the ultimate bottom line. If you are truly dedicated to make a lasting change, commitment and determination to be a studious student, you will produce miraculous results. This is the first step to improving—setting newer standards for yourself. Never ever accept your old unsuccessful behaviour. Never tolerate anything less than excellence. Ask yourself—who is ultimately in control? You or your circumstances? Take control of your circumstances—this very moment. now! Our mind should listen to what we say; not that we should listen to our mind howsoever it says. So, from today you are not an ordinary student. You are not someone who hates studies and goes for postponement or procrastination. You are a studious student. You are one who is going to learn the secrets of effective studies. You are going to get that little 'extra' in the word 'extra-ordinary'.

Work more in areas that need more improvement. Say 'I am studious' in your mind again and again. Write this small powerful sentence on a drawing sheet and stick to the wall in your study room. You may also write the same in your diary and keep recalling. Isn't it relevant here to recall the words of Helen Keller who once said, "We can do anything we want to do if we stick to it long enough"?

(The writer is a Guinness, Asia, Limca, India & Telugu Book Records holder & Life Skills Mentor)

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