Two Friends Lose Lives in Shooting Incident

Two Friends Lose Lives in Shooting Incident

Real Estate Dispute Likely Behind Shooting

Hassan: An alley in Hoysala Nagar of Hassan turned into a scene of horror as a real estate dispute was suspected to have taken a deadly turn. Two friends, Asif (46) from Bengaluru and Sharafat Ali (52) from Aduvalli, lost their lives in the incident that unfolded inside a car.

The dispute allegedly erupted while the two friends, Asif (46) from Bengaluru and Sharafat Ali (52) from Hassan were seated in a white Terrano SUV bearing a Mysuru registration number. According to initial reports, Asif allegedly shot Sharafat Ali, who fell out of the car and died on the spot. Then, Asif turned the gun on himself, ending his own life inside the vehicle.

Preliminary investigations point to a real estate dispute as the catalyst for this incident. Asif and Sharafat Ali were business partners in the ginger and real estate industry. Their strong friendship took a dark turn, resulting in the fatal confrontation.

Although neither Asif nor Sharafat Ali were originally from Hassan, they had significant connections to local families through marriage. Their joint business ventures had solidified their bond over the years. On the morning of the incident, they even shared breakfast at Sharafat’s residence before embarking on their ill-fated journey.

The police are diligently piecing together the events leading up to the shooting. The friends reportedly deviated from their planned visit to the Sub-Registrar’s office for plot registration and went to the property in question. While some questions remain unanswered, further investigation is necessary to shed light on this incident.

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