Unplanned urban developments cause for waterlogging: Basavaraj Bommai

Unplanned urban developments cause for waterlogging: Basavaraj Bommai

Issues warning against encroachments

Bengaluru: Commenting On the recent waterlogging issue in Bengaluru, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai blamed unplanned urban development. He made the statement in an address at the Legislative Assembly in the capital city.

According to Bommai, the old parts of Bengaluru have managed the waterlogging issue well. "Shivajinagar, Ulsoor, and Sankey Tank areas have received heavy rains too. However, the water has flowed through without causing much logging, "he added.

Speaking on the drainage system, he said that the sewage water has increased in the city. and proper management is necessary. "The drainage water will be released. directly to the stormwater drainage system to avoid blockage. "

The storm water drains have been restricted in certain parts of the city due to encroachment, Bommai observed. He said that there have been inspections around such storms. drains and a few houses around them are instructed to vacate.

"We are making constant efforts to make the stormwater drains as efficient as possible. in order to allow a smooth flow of drainage water. Several houses that have "Encroached the stormwater drain area will be cleared", he said. In his statement, Bommai said that the funds for these projects have been released and the Government will release more funds if the need arises.

Special team to lead investigations

After considering the damage done to several parts of Bengaluru in the recent rains, Karnataka Chief Minister Basavaraj Bommai said that encroachment in the metropolis will have to be kept in check.

Speaking at the assembly, Bommai mentioned that the Government of Karnataka will put forth a special team of technical committees led by a judicial officer. This committee will ensure that there is no scope for encroachments within the city. "Encroachments around the lakes, storm water drains and buffer zones are being investigated. Effective rainwater management has to be put into place through a master plan by the BDA (Bangalore Development Authority), BBMP (Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike) as well as the Bangalore Water Supply and Sewage Board. The existing master plan will be updated", Bommai said.

"There will be strict action taken against encroachments that are already identified within the metropolitan areas. There are a total of 2,626 encroachments identified under the BBMP out of which, 428 have been cleared till 2016 and 1,502 have been cleared after 2018", he added.

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