Add charm and sheen to wedding

Add charm and sheen to wedding

Go with the flow with a golden glow. And if you feel conscious about going bold in creating a new look, try these tips that will add a hint of gold to your makeup without making it looking garish

The year 2020 has arrived with fresh trends and fashion forecast, this is also the time for wedding season and celebrations, in addition to wedding looks, looks for engagement, mehandi, cocktail party, shagun, and reception are equally important.

You want to try something different and unique which looks elegant too, you want to play safe as far as your makeup and hairdo are concerned.

Feeling inspired by the looks of celebrities is very common but embracing their looks completely seems like a difficult ballgame for you. However, you can still experiment without going overboard and pull off a new look to up your glam quotient

What better way to add sparkle and innovation to your makeover with the shine and glow of gold, outshine everyone around you and look bright in golden hues.

As wedding festivity looks in the year 2019 remained dominated by subtle, nude and elegant makeups and hairdos, the year 2020 calls for going bold and inventive and you can do this with ease by adding a little bit of gold here and there. Here are ways to make a bold statement in gold without going overboard with experimentation.

All that glitters is gold makeup. If you are not in a position to splurge on a sparkly outfit, you can surely spend on a little sparkle for your face.

Gold shimmery makeup is just the thing to help you look in the mood to celebrate by being right on trend for this season for different occasions of wedding festivity. Add festive charm without roping in drastic changes in the technique of makeup.

Eyeliner: Golden eyeliner can be a safe bet for you for upping glam quotient for any special occasion or party in the year 2020. You can also go for a liquid eyeliner in golden glitter to give you the most sparkle. The technique is to line just the bottoms of your eyes with the gold eyeliner, or line just the top lids with a wide line and finish with a coat of mascara. You can also merge it with a black liner by lining your eyes with black liner & then line them again with your liquid gold glitter eyeliner for a look that just won't quit.

Eye shadow: Go for different colours of eye shadow which would accentuate your look and add that golden touch to your makeup; Like if you have green eyes, a golden eye shadow will look beautiful on you. You can also lean towards a shimmery gold for a subtle look, for that look of all pops go for all-out sparkles in your golden shadows and onto that line your eyes with a rich bronze colour; And don't forget the mascara.

Golden gloss: Add the desired shimmer of gold to your look this season with the least obtrusive way that is with a golden lip gloss. Wear it alone or over top of your favourite lipstick to add that desired sheen. The golden flecks are right on trend while giving you the still soft and subtle touch.

Nail colour: Go adventurous with a golden, glowing manicure. The glittery it is the better it will be; so for short, squoval shaped nails go with an eye-catching nail colour such as gold; whereas for long or pointed nails go for natural hues as they tend to look like daggers in colours that aren't neutral. Lastly, keep an extra bottle handy for touch-ups whenever needed.

Hair tinsel: Branch out into hair tinsels, with feather extensions trend still going strong, don't be afraid. The principal of hair extensions is still the same, but instead of feathers, you can add golden glitter to your hair. Opt for a clip in hair extensions so that you can take it off after the party is over.

Body shimmer: Body shimmer tends to add the extra sparkle to one; so, go with a subtle golden glow with a shimmery body lotion which contains just a hint of golden flecks. This will add the sparkle and will make your skin looks beautiful, combine it with a softly scented lotion as it will also make you smell as good as you look.

So, get ready to sparkle and don't be afraid to try this season's golden hues; find a shade and a style that will suit you the best, whether it's over the top shine or just a hint of shimmer. Be the golden and gorgeous Diva.

(The writer is a beauty & makeover expert)

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