Farah Dhukai's Amazing Hair Care Tip

Farah Dhukais Amazing Hair Care Tip

The harsh winds are slowly showing their prowess in this summer season. The main defect of this summer season is, it almost takes a toll on everyone's ...

The harsh winds are slowly showing their prowess in this summer season. The main defect of this summer season is, it almost takes a toll on everyone's beauty by stealing the charm.

When it comes to hair, there are no words to utter!!! The sweltering weather becomes the main cause of hair loss. So, to own those lustrous locks, the famous beauty blogger Farah Dhukai has come up with an amazing hair care tip… Have a look!

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😛The other day I got a comment from someone telling me that my hair probably smells like curry like it was an insult or sumn and I was thinking omg thank you so much curry smells delicious and if I smell like curry therefore I smell delicious lol anyways.. that comment reminded me of this amazing recipe that my mom used to put in my hair that helps GROW YOUR HAIR and PREVENT IT FROM FALLING OUT . ❤️HERES WHAT YOU NEED: 🌿 CURRY LEAVES (1 cup) 💦OIL OF YOUR CHOICE - I PREFER AND RECOMMEND THAT YOU USE GRAPE SEED OIL (1 cup) it has a high burning point and is also very nice to use on your hair (easy to wash out) 🙌🏽TAKE FRESH CURRY LEAVES (if u can't find fresh, use dried) and GRIND THEM UP IN A FOOD PROCESSOR to EXTRACT SOME FLAVA with a splash of water to help it grind 🔥WARM UP SOME OIL ADD THE GROUND CURRY LEAVES SIMMER FOR A FEW MINS..until the leaves turn dark ~10 mins 💨LET COOL COMPLETELY!!! STRAIN THE LEAVES 🙆🏽‍♀️APPLY TO YOUR SCALP OR ALL OVER IF YOUD LIKE AN EXTRA DEEP CONDITIONING TREATMENT 😴LEAVE OVERNIGHT.. ORR I prefer to "style" my hair with oil in it to make it look like I'm trendy but really ya girl taking care of her hair and pretending like she cute or whatever . 🌧WASH OUT WITH SHAMPOO . 🌟USE ONCE A WEEK. LIVE YOUR BEST CURRY SCENTED LIFE. . 💥WHY THIS WORKS: CURRY LEAVES— Rich in beta carotene and proteins to strengthen hair and prevent fall out Helps hair from thinning Helps maintain clean and healthy follicles Improves blood circulation on the scalp to help hair grow PREVENTS GREY HAIR Prevents dandruff and scalp irritations + the list goes on! GRAPE SEED OIL— It works amazing for all skin/hair types and sensitive skin! Its lightweight and washes out easily It moisturizes INSTANTLY! Keeps a healthy scalp and prevents dandruff Give you healthy hair..and the list goes ON! . 👇🏽TAG A FRIEND WHO COULD USE THIS AND LIKE THIS VIDEO TO HELP AN AUNTIE OUT!! ❤️ Disclaimer: test patch 1st. Ps. If you don't like the scent of curry leaves then add some essential oil to the oil once you're ready to apply 😊 . #farahdhukai #diy #curryscented #hairvideo #hair

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This Instagram post has an amazing hair care tip. Farah has prepared traditional DIY oil which holds numerous benefits.

Ingredients Needed

• 1 cup of curry leaves

• 2 tbsp water

• 1 cup grapeseed oil


• Blend curry leaves adding water and then transfer it to a bowl. Put the oil in a pan and add curry leaves paste to it. Let it stay on a medium flame for at least 10 minutes until the leaves get darkened.

• Thereafter strain the oil and apply it on your scalp and whole mane. Offer a gentle massage. Leave it for overnight and then go with shampooing and then apply the conditioner. That's it!!! Your tresses start shining and they become silky soft…


• As curry leaves are rich in beta-carotene and essential proteins, they protect your hair from fall out and the roots will also be strengthened with its goodness.

• The anti-bacterial properties of these leaves will kill the lice and dandruff as well.

• Finally, the grapeseed oil will give the needed shine to your tresses making them silky soft.

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