Create a reading corner on a budget

Create a reading corner on a budget

For people who love to read, a reading corner is a favourite spot in the home

For people who love to read, a reading corner is a favourite spot in the home. It's that one place they can curl up on a cosy chair in comfy pyjamas with a cup of tea or hot chocolate and get lost reading.

Here's how one can create a reading corner for themselves with a few interesting ideas from HomeLane, India's preferred home interiors brand.

Setting-up the reading corner:

Location: It should be somewhere that no one can be disturbed. It can be a window seat, hammock in the balcony, corner of the bedroom or family space based on personal preferences.

Furniture: Get a chair that one can sink into is a must with lots of comfortable cushions, a rug underfoot and a throw if it's cold. A stool can be kept to place a cup of steaming tea without getting burnt.

Bookshelf: This is not a must, but good to have nearby, as it is easier to pick out the next book once the first book is complete

The right lighting: This is absolutely essential. A down lamp that throws light on the book will be perfect and a backlit kindle takes care of the lighting on its own.

Carve out a window seat: Box the space below a low window, add some comfortable cushions and some plants, and the reading corner is ready. If there's a gorgeous view outside, it's an added bonus.

The space below the seat can be used to store books and a throw rug. For reading in low light, pull up a reading lamp.

Reading nirvana: A bare corner of the family room can become a reader's special place of joy. The simple shelving behind can hold an interesting hotchpotch of artefacts besides the books, and the tall lamp is perfectly positioned to throw light on the armchair.

Create a slice of heaven on the balcony!: If there is no place inside the home, then the balcony would do just fine as a comfortable reading corner.

Say goodbye to other weekend plans, because a gorgeous woodsy view and comfortable hammock will make any bookworm lose track of time and place!

Put feet up and relax: To find somewhere to put up the feet and relax, this oversized armchair with the ottoman ticks all the boxes.

This charming nook with the modern décor and floral accents is perfectly positioned to capture lovely garden views.

Shut out the world!: If the book hasn't already done that, the curtains around this attic reading nook can shut out the world and take one right into the pages of the novel. The slanting skylight allows light to stream in, and the books can be stacked up on the ledge alongside.

Country charm: This charming corner by the window has everything going for it. Bunches of garden fresh flowers, a pretty spring garden view and fresh countryside charm.

Poolside view: One can spend hours in this poolside retreat, reading to your heart's content in the shade of the tall tree alongside!

Add a unique touch by suspending the recliner on chains from the ceiling. This is the perfect spot for an afternoon snooze as well.

Relax in your Beanbag: Nothing says cosy and relaxing quite as much as a beanbag. Pop down a squishy beanbag, add a lightweight rug and a stool, and any corner of the floor can be instantly transformed into a reading nook.

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