Dot art: Connecting peace through dots

Dot art: Connecting peace through dots

Dot art: Connecting peace through dots


Dot art is a style of aboriginal art that makes extensive use of dots of colour. It is a practice of applying small strokes or dots of color to a surface so that from a distance they visually blend together.

You would have heard or tried various forms of art like portraits, sketching, knife paintings and many more. But have you ever tried 'Dot art'?

Dot art is basically a mandala technique for abstract art which also helps you to relax and enjoy the art like that of the other types of arts.

However, something that makes this type of art different from the rest is that Dot art involves the use various colors which are filled using dots.

In this form of art, the artists blend the dots with the mandala art making it much more colorful and attractive.Dot art is a very meditative artform that was originated in aboriginal Australia.

The blending of Mandala and dot art brings about a soothing, almost therapeutic painting that is traditional in its approach and yet adds a contemporary touch to any modern home.

It requires a lot of patience and attention to detail. Though the art form was first introduced in Australia, many women across the nation found their peace of mind through this art.

Sonal Shah, a 52-year-old based in Mumbai shares that she has been creating the dot art paintings for the past two years.

She adds, "Despite having no formal training, I could easily equip myself with knowledge from the internet. It took a lot of experimentation to find my niche.

Since then, I have also blended Gond, another ancient tribal artform of India with dot art.Back when my daughter was in New York for her studies, I wanted to gift her something and that's how the idea was born.

In a short span of two years, I have gone from painting on 1.5cm to a 3x3feet canvas." Agrima Asthana, a 23 year old Hyderabadi, who is also a home baker and always had her hands on various arts shares that she started doing the art at a very young age.

"I started doing Dot art when I was 15. I didn't understand it back then I was so young but after practicing of years and now at 23, it is my favourite thing to do to decorate any old surface with Dot art or a mix of mandala and Dot art.

My Love for abstract art and it may seem easy when you see someone do Dot art but when you actually do it, you need a lot of time and patience," shares Agrima.

While there were people who did this art out of their passion, the pandemic also led to an opportunity to put their hands on this art. One amongst them is this 30-year-old Indore based mom of two, Sneha Somani.

She shares, "I started doing the dot art, a year ago during the lockdown. According to me Dot art is a meditation and one will go on deeper n deeper once stepped in the ocean of dot art.

This relaxes the mind and soul.I think my baby Shanaya did inspire me to start doing the art. It just happened unknowingly."

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