A sustainable clothing story

A sustainable clothing story

Designer Purvi Doshi recently presented her new eco-fabulous �??Wagad�?? collection at the �??Who�??s Next�?? exhibition in Paris

Designer Purvi Doshi recently presented her new eco-fabulous 'Wagad' collection at the 'Who's Next' exhibition in Paris

Purvi Doshi latest collection takes her sustainable clothing story to bigger and broader horizons. Purvi's stunning collection spins a narrative rooted in the traditional extra-weft technique of weaving, or 'Kutch weave', in line with her artisan-empowering philosophy.

This new Purvi Doshi line elevates the traditional Kutch weave with designs that enhance its earthy feel. The style is Western contemporary, and every garment is handcrafted in shades of cool natural whites and blues.

The collection encompasses blazer dresses, corset tops, anti-fit tops, crop tops, double-layered and pleated dresses, and tops, weaved jackets, cocoon dresses and more!

The designer brings out the rustic yet contemporary looks by embellishing her alluring creations with the delicate art of hand applique and hand stitches.

These trimmings are made by underprivileged women skilled in the traditional embroidery techniques of Kutch.

The collection is named after the textured but soft fabric used throughout the collection- 'Wagad', also known as Kala Cotton.

By taking a fabric traditionally used to make rugs, dhotis and shawls into the world of high fashion, the Purvi Doshi label is reviving an age-old tradition of eco-friendly farming and ushering it into the mainstream.

As she does with every collection, Purvi Doshi's 'Wagad' collection celebrates India's crafts and weaves, rejuvenates heirloom traditions and fashions them into contemporary tales.

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