Dare to Live from Jumpin Heights - India's first Extreme Adventure zone, Rishikesh

Dare to Live from Jumpin Heights - India

Contributed by: Ms. Niharika Nigam, Director-Business Development at Jumpin Heights

Jumping off a cliff, as performed under extreme supervison, with ropes tied to ones ankles, is a crazy thing to do isn't it? Why do people do it?

Before you undertake it for yourself, it's worth knowing what that step brings into your life. It brings a lot of things - fun, shock value, thrill, adrenaline etc. These are aspects you may have heard about before. But there another very strong and compelling reason to try it out: Its is a rare, and unexpected brush with 'SPIRITUALITY'.

So what is spirituality? It is the complete consciousness. Simply put, it is being aware of the experience of life. Isn't that worth vying for? Isn't it something to yearn for? YES! But how?

This is the phase where people start searching for ways to experience spirituality. Some resort to meditation and yoga, whereas, others think out of the box by daring to explore and venture beyond their comfort zones to find themselves.

This unconventional route into the spiritual world can be likenedto an acrobat's cautious walk across a tightrope - there will be a struggle to maintain that delicate balance however the adventure will strengthen the person's mind and soul. The journey of adventure sports undertaken as such,sets one free, not only from all the "mohs" and "mayas"- it sets one free from the shackles of their own mind.

The Decisive Step

Coming face to face with something this drastic and overwhelmingforces one to become aware of every breath in every minute and truly acknowledge life in its entirety- completely objectively, as if from the outside. As in the case of bungy jumping, the final step off the bridge, is what counts. Those final moments on the bridge, decide the way onwards - That last step off is the decisive step that takes oneon to the path of self-awakening and makes them feel invigorated. There is an inherentburst of energy,of life force from within- as if there in new vigour in ones relationship with their own life.

Whatever adventure the seeker chooses, the spirit of wanting to dare and dream beyond his/her own comfort zone marks the beginning of self awareness, and freedom of thought. A moment of iron-clad determination, and a whole new world opens up — one where anything is achievable, and potential is infinite.

And this is where adventure sports plays its part as the wormhole into spirituality- an opportunity to dive deeper into oneself, and be forced to cut out all external noise - leaving just them, in that moment- with their resounding heartbeat. Left alone to become conscious of their very existence, to become alive to every breath, and to sit up and take notice of just how much life there is in every moment. It is in times of heightened awareness that spiritual insight is gained.

Despite the highest safety standards, the fear remains. As in the case of Bungee jumping – despite the world-class harnesses, despite the experienced jump masters, jumping off a height that high- takes guts. Its about challenging one's deepest fears- and having the courage to overcome them.

But the real test of strength is in that final moment on the edge, with the countdown happening - 3..2..1…JUMP.

Heart racing, fear overtaking, breathlessness setting in. That moment of looking down.

Make no mistake, it IS mental warfare- and it's you vs your fears.

If you think a moment too long, you've lost the battle.

Oh, but when you jump.

It's paradoxical, that while you are plummeting through the air, you are soaring too. It is in that moment- where spirituality lies. Where you have let go, but you are still the one who has overcome. Where you have ceased to be, and yet you are. Where you are nothing, and yet everything is you. Where your existing is the only thing you are, without the trace of a doubt, certain of.

In that moment, you have had what is probably your first encounter with your highest self- and that is the sweet spot. That is the addictive feeling that keeps adventure seekers craving for more.

Soak that meeting in, smile, and say hello.

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