Go Desi, This Republic Day

Go Desi, This Republic Day

As beautiful as sarees are, the best of us struggle when it comes to draping them, especially the ones which are a little stiff in the material.

As beautiful as sarees are, the best of us struggle when it comes to draping them, especially the ones which are a little stiff in the material. The draping style is very crucial as sarees can make one look older than their age or even make them stand out in a crowd.

There are multiple ways of making your saree look super stylish and below are a few of them which can easily be wrapped by anyone just using darter pins.

Lehenga saree - back pleated

Replace your underskirt with a lehenga or a skirt for this drape.

♦ Start with neatly pleating your pally and secure it with a pin.

♦ Drape the pleated pallu over your left shoulder and pin it.

♦ Slide your lehenga/skirt by bringing the side of the lehenga to the center.

♦ Take the pallu around your waist to a certain gap from where you can start the pleats from. Remember that your pleats are the most important part of the drape, so they have got to be perfect.

♦ Hold the end of your saree keeping a six-inch gap between your hands.

♦ Now start pleating by grabbing the opposite ends to create the pleats. Pleat the rest of your saree following this.

♦ Tuck the pleats on the side of your hip and secure it with a pin.

♦ Now slide your lehenga/skirt in place making sure that the pleats are at the back.

♦ Pleat along the edge of your saree and tuck at your left. You can also wear a belt on top of this to define your curves.

Dhoti saree

♦ Wear a tight legging and a blouse or a crop top to start with. This style is draped best with flowy sarees in materials like georgette, crepe or chiffon.

♦ Take the saree around you leaving about 2 meters, and the rest on your right side.

♦ Pin both at the center with the right overlapping the left.

♦ Take the right side and bring it around you.

♦ For the pallu, male narrow pleats and pin them. Place these on your left shoulder and secure it with a pin.

♦ Add another pin to continue the pleats from the other end. Take these sets of pleats around your back and neatly pin the pleats to the saree and the leggings at the center.

♦ Remove the pin you had placed earlier and spread the pleats to shape your left hip.

♦ Take out the shorter part through the loop in front of you and pleat the end that falls vertically.

♦ Drop it back through the loop. Take it from between both legs and tuck it behind at the center.

♦ At the end, take the loop in front of you, pleat it and tuck it neatly into the waistband at the center and here's your Sonam Kapoor look ready and going.

Pant style saree

♦ Wear a tight legging and a crop top for this look. Make sure you have your heels on.

♦ Start with the inner section of your saree. Hold the top corner and begin to pleat the saree. Pleat till about a little less than half the length of your saree. Use a pin to secure the pleats.

♦ The rest of the fabric should come out from under the pleats to the left.

♦ Tuck the pleats at the center of your waist and keep tucking your saree into the waistband from left to right behind you until you reach your spine.

♦ Now go for the other end of your saree which is your pallu. Pleat it neatly and pin it for your convenience.

♦ Place it on your left shoulder and adjust its length. Pin it on your left shoulder once you are sure of the pallu length. And you are ready to rock this indo-western saree look.

Basic saree drape

♦ Take and hold the saree end from the top edge, tuck it inside the petticoat starting from the right side of your waist across your left waist.

♦ Using the left hand bring the drape around your waist from the back to the center front tucking it in.

♦ Now make 6-8 of 5-6 inches pleats of the remaining drape at the centre and tuck it in the petticoat, facing pleats to the left.

♦ Bring the open drape across your back to your front from the right side, without tucking it. You can pin up the pleats at the centre for it to be in centre position and tuck the drape edge till your left side waist.

♦ Now hold up the width (pallu) section and make pleats in complete width in 5-6 inches, making sure the border falls on the first pleat to drape it on the shoulder.

♦ Hold the pleats in vertical and bring the drape fall from beneath the right armhole, pulling it up towards and across your left shoulder.

♦ Place the pleats properly on your left shoulder by keeping at least a meter length fall down from the shoulder point and pin it in place to fix it.

Mumtaaz saree

♦ The Mumtaaz saree draping style, IT has a small or narrow visible border on the lower skirt drape, in layered up form, two edges of a saree, and is draped without the basic pleats, a wraparound style.

♦ Follow and Complete the 1st and 2nd step of the basic draping saree, till where tuck in the centre of the petticoat before tacking pleats.

♦ Now take 2 pleats of 5-6 inches and tuck them in facing the left-hand side.

♦ Picking up the long edge of the saree from the centre pleat wrap around the left side to back until brought forward at right side waist.

♦ Tuck it 5-6 inches above the normal to length of the saree. And same until brought on a wraparound in same till right side again

♦ Again tuck in above the level of another 5-6 inches and continue in the level and wrap around the waist of the right side.

♦ Make pleats of the width section, in 5-6 inch and then taking it under the right armhole bring it across the front to the left shoulder and throw it falling backward.

♦ Arrange the front bodice drape to become narrower than the usual drape and pin in position at the shoulder.

♦ To end it our Bollywood, Tollywood, Kollywood that is our cinema has really retained and projected Indian style sarees beautifully on screen.

So now you enjoy them on your occasions and parties to the same style.

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