20 Proven Benefits of Walking One Hour a Day

walking helps improve hearts health and also helps lower blood pressure and increases good cholesterol level.

walking helps improve heart's health and also helps lower blood pressure and increases good cholesterol level.


Walking can be done by almost individuals, who does not have problem in physical mobility. The health experts that, an adult must walk at least half an hour a day and for children, it is about double, that is about an hour a day for seven days in a week.

When you walk for an hour, you would really have great impact to your body and it has been proven by numerous researchers.

Walking is considered to be safe and low impact to the body having low risk of injuries and accidents. To walk, you do not require special equipment, neither you need to join a gymn or require membership of physical fitness club. Walking can be performed almost anywhere and anytime. It started slowly and easily and build up gradually.

20 proven benefits or walking one hour a day

1. Strengthens the bones: When you walk regularly, you will have better bone density and stronger bones compare to people who are physically inactive.

2. Prevent osteoporosis: it helps improve better bone density and stronger bones, which means reduce the risk of developing osteoporosis in elder age. It has been clinically proven that physical activity includes walking, it can significantly reduce the risk of osteoporosis.

3. Improve body posture: if you have problem with body posture such as scoliosis or other types of backbone posture problem, walking can help repair the posture. Walking an hour a day would help your body to shape better bones and muscle.

4. Improve flexibility: not only increasing muscle strength, walking can help improve your body flexibility and it would make it easier to move as well as prevent you from muscle stiffness.

5. Relieve depression and stress: Active people include those who perform one hour of walking will have a reduced risk of suffering from clinical depression. As per study published in Mental and health foundation in the 2005 stated, regular physical activity is at least as effective as antidepressant drugs in treating mild as well as moderate stress as well as depression.

6. Promotes good mood: Walking promotes endorphin production. Endorphin is well known as hormones, which can help get rid of stress and promotes good mood in the body.

7. Improves learning performance: Walking not only keeps the brain to be healthy but it also helps improve the brain function in learning process. Children or student who take regular walk a day have better learning result compared to those who are physically inactive. Walking one hour a day can make you smarter, walking also helps improve oxygen transport to brain, which increase alertness and better learning performance.

8. Improve sleep quality: if you have problem with sleep deprivation or disorder taking walk an hour during the day, it can help you to improve sleep quality, since walking can help improve blood flow and helps promotes calming nerves.

9. Reduces the risk of breast cancer: study has found that, walking an hour a day, regularly can help reduce the risk of breast cancer by 31%.

10. Improve the life quality of cancer survivor: Walking and other types of physical activity help improve the life quality of cancer survivor. It can also help improve the breathing capacity, reduce pain of chemotherapy and improve better organ function in cancer patients.

11. Decreased body weight: by decrease body fat and burn calories, study by Morriss and hardman in the year, 1997 reveal that walking at least 2 miles/3.2km a day in four times a week, can help reduce weight by 0.5 kg/1 pound every month. So, if you wish to lose weight start walking right now.

12. Prevent obesity: obesity is the major cause of heart disease, obesity and other serious health problem. Walking one hour a day can slightly reduce the risk of obesity, which is caused by the physical inactivity.

13. Relieve fatigue: During walking, body release several hormones such as endhorpine, which can relieve pain and reduce fatigue.

14. Reduce pain in arthritis: Walking can reduce joint pain in people who suffer from rheumatoid arthritis and improve function, mood, mobility and quality of patient life without worsening symptoms.

15. Promotes healthy digestion: walking can promote healthy digestion by increasing intestine ability to increase nutrients.

16. Reduce the risk of glaucoma: Glaucoma is a type of complex eyes disorder, which can be worse and cause blindness. Glaucoma can be caused by numerous factor and one of them is poor blood circulation. Walking one hour a day, it can help improve blood circulation and keep healthy blood flow within the eyes and prevent from the lost vision.

17. Delay aging: people who perform regular walking, look younger than their actual age. Yes, physical activity, include walking can slower aging and make you look younger.

18. Maintain healthy skin: Walking can make your skin healthy since, it increases blood flow and nourish your skin with better nutrition and oxygen transport. When walking your body would release sweat that, might get rid of toxin from the body.

19. Help in control addiction: if you wish to reduce addiction to alcohol, caffeine and other addictive substance, walking can really help. Still no exact study, how long walking should be performed to show these best benefits but really walking would help you to get rid of craving something since it promotes better brain function and better blood circulation.

20. Promotes longer lifespan: on an average, every minute of walking can help extend your life by 1.5 to 2 minutes so by walking one hour a day you have longer your life span by 120 minutes or two hours.

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