A step towards Veganism

A step towards Veganism

A step towards Veganism


As more and more consumers choose to live a healthier lifestyle, the demand for fitness and protein supplements are going to exponentially increase in number, without any roadblocks

As more and more consumers choose to live a healthier lifestyle, the demand for fitness and protein supplements are going to exponentially increase in number, without any roadblocks. With Make in India, all its products are Vegan (90%) and rest (10%) vegetarian.

Fitspire is an endeavor to grant its pre-eminent status in the field of health, fitness, activeness, agility, and well-being. It has wellness products for all demographics, the product lines include Sports, Health, Personal, and Child wellness suitable for all age groups and needs.

With the day to day challenges people often fail to consume proper nutrients, which eventually leads to common lifestyle diseases. To inspire people with a healthy lifestyle Fitspire is focused on delivering genuine, authentic, validated premium products for all age groups.

Nidhi Jain, Co-Founder Fitspire India's premium vegan and vegetarian health wellness brand shares, "Fitspire- aspire to fitness is an establishment that renders high graded, 100% vegan and vegetarian healthcare products to promote a better, healthier and nutritious lifestyle that are accessible, affordable to all.

Nutritional gap that our nation is facing which takes the lives of many people daily inspired me to begin this healthcare startup-Fitspire. I wanted to empower people and help others in my shoes. Our mission is to spread awareness about veganism and vegetarianism, aspire nation towards fitness and inculcate them around."

Fitspire wants its customers and consumers to embrace a way of living healthy and further create a path to empower women and make everyone aatmanirbhar to fit.

Night shares, "Before starting this journey of Fitspire, me and my team researched, did many surveys and came to the conclusion that India needs to have a strong foundation related to healthcare products. Nowadays new formulations of healthcare supplements and competitions in various segments are emerging which offer an ideal ground for the nation to think before buying any product. This was a major challenge for Fitspire and team."

We live in a non-vegan world, but things are changing rapidly. We have more people consuming vegan food and supplements. Moreover, have a wide range of people coming in and embracing this lifestyle and its benefits. We all have become increasingly mindful of our health, health and wellbeing of our family and that of our mother earth.

Being mindful of how we eat and live has become a priority in today's world and we're reshaping how we shop, cook and eat.

Veganism as a lifestyle can go a long track. Adopting a vegan lifestyle not only has personal health benefits, it also helps our mother earth. It has been found that cutting animal products and bi products from your lifestyle. Not just this, veganism also contributes towards nature in terms of reducing emissions into the environment.

Make up your mind before changing your lifestyle and remain genuine to your decision. Vegan diet limits the intake and use of all animal products and bi products is believed to be the most environment friendly among all trendy diets. It could be as sustainable as promised because production of animal products and bi products does produce a large percentage of greenhouse gases responsible for the climatic crisis happening globally while on the other aspect vegan diet is sustainable and beneficial for wellbeing as well as environment.

"Whenever the world comes out of this coronavirus crisis, one thing is for sure is that people's attitude towards many things will change, especially the food that they consume. The connection between COVID-19 and animal consumption has triggered people's mind worldwide. This will bound to make people more careful, smart and understandable towards going vegan. However, chances of people accepting veganism are still far-fetched, especially in our country India.

This pandemic has impacted Fitspire positively as we have researched and launched products according to the need and requirement of the nation. Our market strategy and consumer needs have refined positively though this crisis has shaken the world. We are even planning to launch a few more products further demanded by our customers," concludes Nidhi.

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