Diabetics: Fear not your fruits

Diabetics: Fear not your fruits

Diabetics: Fear not your fruits


I have noticed that we women get the severe sugar craving

I have noticed that we women get the severe sugar craving. These are heightened for those with diabetes. Do you have diabetes? Did you stop eating your fruits fearing they will take up sugar levels? Let me bust this myth for you and share the truth on how the fiber in the fruit lowers the sugar and the host of nutrients are great for you I say, consume as a whole fruit and not a juice. Beat those cravings with these winter fruits -


This fibre dense fruit is a yummy favourite of the winter season especially when had with a sprinkle of red chilli powder and rock salt. One serving of a big guava (approx. 60 gms) gives you 23 per cent of your RDA of dietary fibre. This fibre supports slow blood sugar release during digestion. So, be it white or pink, I say go gaga over guava!


The richest source of natural vitamin C mother nature has given us is the Indian gooseberry or amla. One fruit has up to 600 mg of vitamin C your most potent antioxidant may reduce any oxidative stress or inflammation faced by the pancreas that secrete insulin – the key hormone of diabetes. Toss it as a pickle with turmeric and salt and have daily.


Orange is full of dietary fibre rating low on the glycemic index scale! This means that the high fibre results in a laggard digestion and hence a slower increase in blood sugar.


Say Ya to the papaya! diabetic women. It's a good balance of dietary fibre and vitamin C. It eases digestion and lowers glucose improving insulin levels and an added benefit of beta-carotene (vitamin A)


Thanks to the low carbohydrate density of strawberries, a diabetic can easily enjoy about a cup a day satisfying sweet craving .Being rich in disease fighting antioxidants, sweet and delicious strawberries are ideal for a diabetic diet make the most of them this season.

Golden gooseberries

These tiny golden berries have several nutrient properties that aid in blood sugar control. High in fiber helping bind to special enzymes in your small intestine that prevent sugar from moving from your gut to your blood stream .Go ahead with these golden gooseberries.

While there is no "good" or "bad" fruit, you need to be aware about how and how often you are consuming these fruits. Juicing, for instance, can be detrimental towards blood sugar levels. It is best to consume the fruit in its whole, natural form. Any one of the above fruits eaten during the day is alright as long as you are following portion control and not mixing with your main meals.

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