Finding peace, life's purpose

Finding peace, lifes purpose

On the occasion of International Day of Yoga Nuthan Manohar, behavioural and wellness expert, Sarva yoga, talks about fitness and more

Nuthan Manohar is the voice to tune into, if you need to sleep. She has been trending for long in Sarva. She is an International trainer, primary researcher and TEDx speaker on wellbeing – for both mental and physical conditions. She is the founder of Me Met Me, an IIM Bangalore incubated startup on wellbeing. She says, "It's not just about smelling good but all about feeling great."

Nuthan is an MBA and after a tenure with MNCs like Oreos, Kraft Cheese etc, at 28 she decided to answer her calling for health and wellbeing. She combined various courses in yoga including a Master's Degree to create over 90 modules to overcome specific conditions such as insomnia, stress, focus, immunity, grief, heartbreak, menopausal and menstrual discomforts, winter depression, etc.

Since 2017 she has been focusing on her workshops and research and has carved out a formidable niche in Europe where she is all set to start teaching at some of the finest universities and corporates in Europe.

She says, "Secret of sleep is trust. Secret of happiness is purpose. I have had my fair share of setbacks, but nothing compares to the passion for wellbeing, which often helps many in finding deep sleep."

Some points on fighting stress WFH fallout

Earlier, work was at office, kids were at school, coffee was at the pantry or on demand. Now we have to juggle all roles all the time. The work hours have gone up, the fun and relaxation time has gone down, bonding has gone down, essential human interactions have reduced. For many WFH as shifted from perk to a nightmare.

Anxiety and loneliness

Anxiety generally is connected to uncertainty. We do not thrive well when we are uncertain of our safety and survival. COVID 19 has caused us to worry both about our health and employment safety.

Now we realise the diverse real time interactions ensures our body produces hormones and transmitters that keep us happy, connected, motivated and learning.

Overcoming fear of losing job

While we cannot predict the future, we can do much to ensure that we thrive. This is the time to build social capital, support others and build mental resilience. This is the time to learn and improve skills, get and give endorsements, to exercise, meditate, breathe. Focus on how to grow and maintain a daily gratitude journal to feel empowered.

Coming out of depression and fear

Exercise, breath work and meditation are sure shot ways to enhance your mood.

Work out till you sweat, practice slow deep diaphragmatic breathing, 15-minute mindfulness or meditation will ensure your body is wired for happiness, peace and purpose.

Limit or avoid negative news about the pandemic. Focus only on need-to-know local and positive news.

Connect with others and if you can, exchange 7 hugs a day with your loved ones, which will amp up your oxytocin production and help you release stress.

Eat nutritious food, sleep 8 hours, stay hydrated and above all trust in yourself.

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