Healthy snacks you need to add to your bag

Healthy snacks you need to add to your bag

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of snacks?

What is the first image that comes to your mind when you think of snacks? It would most likely be potato chips, candy bars, samosa, biscuits and a whole plethora of unwholesome snacks.

We are likely to feel hungry between meals and that is when we are most vulnerable to grab an easy but most likely an unhealthy snack.

Especially for evening snacks, we tend to resort to unhealthy snacking choices, but there are several healthier alternatives to choose from. Here are five healthy snacks that don't require a lot of preparation, are easily accessible, rich in nutrition and are most importantly very tasty and easy to carry.


Almonds are easy and quick to flavour and go with just about any Indian spice. You can mix almonds with your favourite flavours to create healthy yet tasty everyday snacks.

Almonds are known to have satiating properties that may promote feeling of fullness, which may keep hunger at bay between meals1.


High in protein and extremely tasty, yogurt is a treat. You can have it in its original form or add muesli, flaxseeds or sunflower seeds to make it a healthier snack.

You can even add strawberries or any other fresh fruit to the yogurt, freeze it and have it as a frozen dessert - this makes for an excellent summer treat.


Sprouts are very beneficial to health when consumed regularly. They contribute to the protein, fibre and micronutrient needs of the body.

As there are several options of sprouts available, you can snack on a different one every day of the week. Some popular ones include: Bengal Gram (channa), Green Gram (moong), and Alfalfa,.

Vegetable sticks

These are so easy to prepare and are filled with nutrients. Instead of resorting to store bought vegetable sticks, you can prepare these in your own kitchen.

Cut veggies such as cucumber, carrots and bell peppers to about a size of four inches and according to your preference, you can season it with tomato sauce, vinegar, miso, or honey, or just dip the sticks in curd or hummus to add flavour.

Fresh fruit

Easy to carry, a fresh fruit can be a delicious and healthy snack in the evening, replacing a slice of cake or a pastry. Use seasonal fruits for the best quality and nutrition.

(The writer is a Nutrition and Wellness Consultant)

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