Sushmita Sen's Amazing Workouts Will Inspire Many

Sushmita Sens Amazing Workouts Will Inspire Many
Sushmita Sen’s Amazing Workouts Will Inspire Many

She is the workout freak who amazes is all and sundry with her awesome exercises!!!

She is the former Miss Universe…

She is the Chemistry lecturer who made SRK lose his heart…


She is the workout freak who amazes is all and sundry with her awesome exercises!!!

Got to know who we are speaking about???

She is none other than the Bollywood's beautiful lady Sushmita Sen… This pretty lady is always known for her strict workout pattern and toned body.

Being quarantine time, Sush is enjoying with her daughters and boyfriend Rohman. These both being the workout freaks, share the space and amaze us with their, wow some workout poses.

Sushmita always stays active on social media and also shares their pics on Instagram making her fans celebrate!!!

Being the lockdown period and to make our readers witness the importance of workout, we Hans India have collated all the workout videos and pics of Sushmita Sen… Have a look!

Whenever we speak about the couple goals, this pair top the charts with their awesome chemistry. Having a look at these workout images, we were just awestruck. These workouts are possible with only 100% coordination between the pair. This way one can stay healthy and positive. Being mentally strong always keeps one ready to fight with any unexpected storm like Corona.

This one is ultimate… Sush is seen doing pushups with the complete swing. The complete way of stretching legs and hands along with the body makes her body stay toned.

This yoga pose shows the perfection of Sush… This Bollywood actress is a pro in performing any pose with much ease. This one is just the example of her expertise…

This one is the masterpiece… Sush nailed it perfectly and stood as an inspiration for all the workout and yoga freaks!!!

Finally, we end the workout tale with the awe-inspiring couple goal… Both Rohman and Sush are pro in nailing best yoga poses… The first pose is the swing type where both are seen folding their legs and lifting their body.

The second one seems to be the Butterfly pose with bringing legs together while the third one is a difficult one with bringing legs on top of hands in a sitting pose.

The next poses go with a fetus pose…

This is definitely an inspiration for all the workout freaks… So guys, mimic Sush and boost your mind and body with these amazing yoga poses…

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