Why must you avoid eating lot of fruits?

Have fruits in limited quantity, do not overeat them, to stay healthy.

Have fruits in limited quantity, do not overeat them, to stay healthy.


  • Fruits too have sugar, but it is fructose, anything is limited quantity is good, but it exceeds then it is not good, similar with the fruits
  • Excess intake of fruits might result in side effects.

Be it obese people or diabetes or heart patients or for that matter healthy individual, sugar is never seen as an healthy choice for anyone. Yet, there are many who still consume white, refined sugar regularly.

When it comes, a wise choice for health? Absolutely not, therefore dieticians as well as nutritionists recommend fruits as an healthier alternative for the sweet tooth.

Fruits, too contain sugar, but it is fructose, a naturally occurring sugar which is anyday, safer when compared other foods, which people usually consume on a daily basis. However, just as excess of unhealthy is bad, excess of healthy food too, can backfire.

Side effects of consume more amount of fruits

Few fruits tend to have low amount of sugar, while there are few others which have too many calories which can be harmful for the health. In case of diabetic people, eating too much fruits can increase blood sugar levels drastically, while in case of healthy individuals, binge eating fruits can lead to weight gain and also obesity.

On one hand, fruits like apples or berries having fibre and Vitamin C content offer hydration naturally, but on the other, eating them too much or trying to replace them with other food groups can do more harm than good as one would be eating more amount of sugar and carbohydrates instead of fats and proteins. Over period of time, it can result in nutritional deficiencies and several other health problems in the long run.

In a nutshell, excess intake of fruits would result in below side effects

1. Weight gain

2. Obesity

3. High blood sugar levels

4. Risk of type-2 diabetes

5. Nutritional deficiencies

6. Digestive distress

7. Gas and bloating

8. Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS)

How much quantity of fruits to consume is safe?

As per nutrition as well as diet experts, one must stick to only four to five serving of fruits in a day and that too is on the upper side. Healthy or unhealthy, in any case, moderation is definitely is the key to eating well and staying healthy and disease free. Along with fruits, it is advisable to eat lots of vegetables, whole grains, legumes, plant-proteins and lean meat.

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