Plava - A year of smooth sailing

Plava - A year of smooth sailing

Plava - A year of smooth sailing


This Ugadi comes with a lot of good tidings to people who have been devasted by natural calamities, manmade disasters and the growing pandemic

The new Lunar Hindu Year Plava will be good and happy year for the common man, according to TVRK Murthy, Vedic astrology expert. Murthy, who is more popularly known by his pen name Viswapathi, predicts a good year for the society. Plava means Punt (a small shallow boat), the 35th year in the lunar cycle of sixty years starting from Prabhava will help us sail through the turbulent times which the world is presently passing through.

The first quarter of the new year will be turbulent and a bit traumatic for society, but from the second quarter things will improve. The world will start witnessing good things from June. Corona will be in full swing till the end of April. It will reduce in strength from June. Economy will be back on rails with manufacturing activity back in full swing.

It is going to be a very favourable year for people born in lunar signs of Cancer and Sagittarius, Pisces and good for others. Similarly people whose name starts with A, G, H, M, N, R and S will see many good things happening for them from June 2021. It is also very favourable for people born on 2nd, 4th, 8th, 12th,15th, 18th, 24th, 25th, 28th and 30th of any month.

The world will witness many good things from June 2021. New innovations in medicine and science will bring great thrust to healthcare. A single shot vaccine which will be very effective in controlling the virus will be available across the counter in medical shops by July/August. Good year for Pharma, Finance, AgroTech, Real Estate and IT sectors. Good rainfall will bring cheers to farmers. The new year Plava will be favourable for persons working in journalism, fine arts, pharma and healthcare sectors.

On individual front, your long-cherished dream of having own house will come true for many this year. Common man will be happier in 2021. People will be able to move freely from June 2021. People should be careful with water. They should take extreme care while swimming in river or enjoying boat rides. Accidents related to water and fire are highly likely in this year.

Good year for marriages. Many bachelors waiting since years will get married this year. On the international front, the USA will regain supremacy and will have a good relationship with India. Indian economy will grow faster in 2021.

Some other predictions...

A train accident likely in the fourth week of April. An airline disaster likely in May.

♦ Health of two senior Telugu film personalities of yesteryears may worsen in April/May.

♦ An earthquake likely in Himalayan region during May. Delhi and Himachal Pradesh may experience mild to moderate tremors.

♦ Thundershowers will lash several Indian cities in peak summer of May. They may cause damage to crops too. Mango yield will be less this year and would be hit badly by hail storms in May.

♦ Cyclonic storms likely in Bay of Bengal in May and November. Summer will be unusually hot in many places across country in April/May with mercury touching 48 degrees centigrade in several places.

♦ Plava will bring cheers to Tollywood. Mahesh Babu, Jr NTR, Ramcharan and Prabhas likely to hog limelight. A new hero will emerge in Tollywood.

♦ It is highly advisable to pray to Lord Sri Venkateswara and Sri Durga Maatha to mitigate the bad effects of the new year Plava. People should also pray Lord Sri Subrahmanyeswara and Lord Hanuman frequently. We can sail through Plava comfortably by taking precautions while dealing with water and fire.

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