Sri Plava Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Panchangam 2021

Ugadi Panchangam 2021

Sri Plava Nama Samvatsara Ugadi Panchangam 2021


Ugadi Panchangam 2021: Dwadashi Rasi predictions during the year of Sri Plava Nama Samvatsara (2021-2022) by Dr Sankaramanchi Ramakrishna Sastry. PhD

Mesham (Aries)

The year Plava opens up new vistas for the Aries fully supported by Guru (Jupiter). The year brings good name and fame and those born under this Raasi will be successful in their endeavours.

People of this sign will be free from their adversaries and there will be a marked improvement on the financial front.

Knowledge gains will bring success in whatever tasks they have taken up. Aries will get encouragement and their presence of mind and thoughtfulness will make them reach their set goals early.

Luck is on their side and they will cross all the hurdles. People born under this sign will stand for others will bring back the past glory and prestige and the Aeries aspirations will be fulfilled and they are protected by divine blessings all the time.

They will take up good works and their aspirations will be fulfilled. The good news of the arrival of a new born in the family is on the cards and there will be progress in the issues anticipated.

Students will achieve good results in their studies. On professional, job and business fronts Aries people will get good results. Acquiring land, house and vehicle is on cards. They will be good in health and a proactive and hardworking attitude would keep energetics to steer the way up and to cross the hurdles coming in the way and they will successfully reach their targets. Aries should not get bogged down with any disappointments coming their way.

Put your best foot forward. Success will come your way with the cooperation of family members. Some of the hurdles bothering the Aeries will go away once for all and there will be stability in life. Their image will grow and the year brings success in gaining authority.

However, Aries need to be watchful while undertaking travels. Reciting slokas of Sani, Rahu and Kethu would be helpful.

Vrushaba (Taurus)

People born under this sign need to watch out during the new year of Plava as planetary alignment is not in favour resulting in several hurdles coming their way putting more constraints on them.

They need to think carefully about every step they are taking and understand the issues on hand before taking the plunge. Be thoughtful and skilful while moving forward. You can plan without despair and disappointment and work hard until you reach your goals. Taureans need to be careful in important dealings and it is better to work along with family members.

Reflect on the problems with a clear head and you will find solutions to the problems. They should work focused to get good results and discharge their responsibilities with efficiency. Try to complete tasks on hand within the time and you will get success by increasing efficiency levels in completing tasks on hand. It is better to move forward setting goals and act keeping in mind the responsibilities Presence of mind to beat the stress.

There might be hurdles for students in education-related issues. But, sharpen your mind to achieve good results in education. suggestions of near and dear will help you in recharging your energies. Try to control your expenditure and not give way to misunderstandings and misgivings. Self-drive is needed in business and self-confidence is the key to protect your health. Advises of near and dear will help.

Your faith will drive you forward. Take care while travelling and take precautions about your health. Be courageous and Dharma will guard you. Reciting the slokas of Guru and Shani are beneficial.

Mithuna (Gemini)

Gemini's will witness economic benefits and increase their name and fame. They will get a special place of recognition in society. They will be victorious in the important issues. Acquiring land, home and vehicles are on the cards. The enhanced divine power will put them to progress on the spiritual path. Students will progress with good achievements. They will get anticipated results. Professionally and in business they will progress well. They have good future.

However, they will face some disappointments from certain quarters but keep moving forward with flexibility. On the family front, you will reap happiness and good results. Certain incidents would recharge your energies. People of this sign have to face the situations with understanding and flexibility. You may need advice from family members. There will be good news at home and you will get the results that you are anticipating.

Takes precautions while travelling. Don't get into controversies. converse with relatives and friends with peace of mind. there will be progress on the construction of the house. It is good to recite the slokas of Shani, Rahu and worship of Lord Siva will give good results.

Karkataka (Cancer)

Throughout the year, they will be successful in the works dearer to them. They will get good results based on their efforts. They will get double the returns if focussed on employment professional, and business front. There may be hurdles at every step. However, you will pass them successfully from the advice of your dear ones.

Focus more on the important issues. decisions taken with a good frame of mind will give you success. You need to pay attention to the financial front. There may be unexpected expenditure and be guarded on debt-related issues. You can cross the hurdles with advanced planning. You need to think deeper about every issue you are working on. Beware of cheats. Though there might be hurdles you can deal with them with your past experiences.

Students need to put in hard work but still will get mixed results. Enhanced focus on studies will yield anticipated results. Be patient and avoid emotionally charged outbursts. Understand the issues on hand and act accordingly. Regulate waste expenditure, take steps to protect health. Try to evaluate other persons to avoid getting taken for a ride and getting cheated.

You will be protected by just powers and earn a good name in society. Try to discharge your responsibilities efficiently. You will be a role model for others. Try to lead a life peacefully without giving in to stress. Try to move forward with good intentions. Reciting slokas of Shani and Guru and worship of Lord Shiva will bring good results.

Simha (LEO)

The year Plava brings all the good tidings for Leo during the year. Persons of this sign seem their ambitions fulfilled, and their efforts will yield good results in multiple ways. Their resolve will drive them to achieve goals and their desires will be fulfilled. Try to transform every opportunity into success and you will come up in life. Stable life and economic success and acquiring movable and unmovable properties are on the cards. Promotion on the job front is likely and Leo will get support from their bosses. Those in the business will see good results.

Students will achieve anticipated results and prove their mantle. You will get good recognition in the society. Some will be benefitted from the works of Leo and they will get cooperation from the family members. Collective decisions will bring success.

It is the year for Leo to try and work actively for a golden future. You will benefit from relatives and friends. You will realise your dreams working with enthusiasm and energy. Complete your responsibilities with discipline and efficiency. Try to move forward with a broad mind. You will have the blessing of the divine power and your efforts will yield results. Students will progress in education.

You will get solutions for some problems. Try to design your life with peace and you have luck on your side and try to move forward understanding situations. The hitherto adversaries will befriend you. Recite slokas pertaining to Guru and Ketu.

Kanya (VIRGO)

You will be victorious provided you work with a strong resolve. Focus on important issues and work paying necessary attention. People of this sign will get good results on the job front and your stress levels may increase due to higher authorities on the work front.

Try to take care to prevent committing avoidable mistakes and optimally use the time and complete the works as per the timelines. Shun laxity and try to complete tasks with responsibility and intelligently, with a right mental framework. Otherwise, even small mistakes might lead to complications. Your self-motivation will give your energy to drive your way up. You will be benefitted from relatives and friends.

Try to move forward with the advice from family members. Be cordial with the near and take decisions with courage. Sharpen your intelligence to cross over the hurdles coming your way. People of this sign need to think peacefully and not to give in emotional and agitated mind in their dealings. Students need to pursue their studies with a strong resolve and being proactive.

These people need to deal with the financial issues efficiently and regulate expenditure. Decisions should be taken understanding the situations faced adopting flexible approach to achieve the goals. Hesitation might bring troubles. Don't give in to despair and do not let your mind get impacted by disappointments. Instead, try to continually put your best efforts into working towards reaching your goals.

Health needs attention and people of this sign will get divine help for their work done for the benefit of society. Try to step forward taking into consideration all the factors and chalk out how to reach your goals early. Reciting slokas of Guru, Sani and Rahu are beneficial.

Tula (LIBRA)

People born under this sign have a bright spot during the new year and all set to get anticipated results on professional and business fronts. Their respect will grow and the earlier hurdles faced will be resolved and the works which were stalled earlier will kickstart again. Their strong resolve will bring dividends in achieving good results. However, people of this sign need to work on understanding the situations being faced. They need to be flexible and the advice of friends and relatives will benefit them. Their ambitions and life's aspirations will be fulfilled and image in society will grow. Their faith will grow and drive them to successfully completing their responsibilities efficiently.

Students will progress in studies. Success will come to them in multiple ways and will experience upper hand everywhere. Try to utilise time for good works. A note of caution that people should think twice before making decisions. People of this sign will progress in their spiritual endeavours and will be free from adverse effect from any accidental and unanticipated situations.

Take the cooperation of elders at home without fail, people of this sign will have rich dividends on the financial front and will get constant results. You will accomplish big targets with your intelligence. Take precautions while travelling. Try to grab the necessary rest in time. Think calmly to get good results. Recite slokas of Shani and Ketu to get good results.

Vruschika (SCORPION)

People of this sign in the year of Plava will achieve spectacular results and works taken up with the right mind will yield instant results. On the professional, job and business fronts people of this sign will get suitable results for their hard work. Their success will be based on hard work and they should work with a focused mind. They will get appreciation from their bosses.

They will achieve steady progress, peace of mind and receive anticipated financial gains. Future will be bright when acted with patience and resilience. There may be hurdles at every step. However, they should face with courage without giving in to despair. Advises of the dear ones will work for their benefit and they will overcome the problems.

Use your presence of mind and think and act smart and intelligently to cross over problems coming in the way. Try to focus on completing works on hand without adopting a stubborn attitude as they are nearing achieving their goals. People of this sign will take over new responsibilities. They need to hesitate to move forward but reflect every that they come across with a deeper understanding.

A word of caution is that they should avoid getting into financial problems by advance planning. Don't hesitate to say no to avoid others taking you for a ride. Develop the right frame of mind intelligently and diligently acting appropriately with the situations faced.

Think twice before taking decisions and take necessary precautions while travelling. Attention is needed on the health front. You will accomplish your goals with a peaceful mind. Reciting slokas of Guru, Rahu and Kethu will help you to be strong and confident.


People of this sign will achieve greater heights in professional front and the new year will be beneficial in bringing success to them. They should try to accomplish the goals with a resolute mind and sharpen their intelligence to cross any hurdles coming their way. On the financial front they can expect mixed results. It is better to move in a planned manner considering the future needs to accomplish better results for a better future. Try to search for solutions ahead of taking note and understanding problems.

The Dharmic force will protect the people of this sign and they should proactively take things with enthusiasm for better results. They may face some testing times. Students should not neglect their studies. For professionals and those in jobs or business results will be mixed. Decision taken on their own may not give good results and they better take cooperation from their colleagues. Listen the advice of family members that will bring you better results.

Try not to think ill and adopt the right mindset to reach your goals. Your hard work will pay and you will win over your adversaries. However, try to keep away from controversies. Dedication at work will bringing peace of mind, and early results. They will get due respect in the society. Reciting slokas of Shani and Guru will bring early results.


The new year brings all good things your way, not only luck is on your side, but, also the divine forces are protecting you. Your word will prevail and there are immense benefits on the financial front this year. You get access and see a golden future lies ahead of you. Good results on the professional and business fronts are on the cards. Spend time on good works to get consistently good results. People of this sign will be successful both on the home and social fronts and they will translate their ideas into realities. You may acquire a house and vehicle in the new year and the prosperity will be there throughout the year. Students will get good results.

Try to weigh right from the wrong with a Dharmic mind for a bright future and to achieve good accomplishments ahead. The current year is more beneficial than the earlier one and people of this sign will receive financial gains. However, try to avoid an increase in the expenditure. They will carry out good works beneficial to the society and earn a good name in the society.

Their life ambitions will be fulfilled and considerable gains are on the cards from the family members and will have good times during the year. They will progress on the spiritual front. Though few hurdles may come your way, their pious deeds will make them cross all hurdles. Word of caution: Be cautious about trusting strangers and keep away from controversies. People under this sign should take appropriate decisions understanding the issues at hand. Reciting the slokas of Shani and Rahu will remove any hurdles coming their way.


Put in your best efforts with a nerve of strong resolve to achieve success. It is time to be more focused on the professional, job and business front. There are hurdles at every step you take during the new year, and people of this sign must cross them by acting intelligently and face them effectively. Try to observe there are no mistakes and Dharmic thinking will help in achieving the desired goals. People of this sign should not take decisions in hurry instead, collective decisions will take you to reach the other shore safely.

Adopting cordial conversations will steer the people of this sign away from problems. There may be pressure from the higher authorities and working with past experience will benefit. Try to take necessary care from getting into financial constraints and pay attention towards the issues, and take decisions only after thinking twice. Try to take enough rest while working. Gather your best spirits to move forward. A calm mind will get you appropriate solutions to the problems.

Students should pay more attention to their studies. Ensure that the problems are not aggravated. Optimum utilization of time will help avoid hurdles and adopt Dharmic thinking for the effective accomplishment of responsibilities. Prepare yourself with advanced planning to avoid financial problems and give your best efforts to acquire a better edge for gaining knowledge. There will be steady development and take the cooperation of family members at all the times. Works taken up with a peaceful mind will bring success and you are protected by a divine force. Recitation of slokas of Shani is beneficial.

Meena (PISCES)

Good tidings are in store for people born under this sign and success with the expected results will come their way. There will be an improvement on financial fronts and acquiring immovable properties is on the cards. They will witness study development and their self-confidence and will power. They will work with clear thinking and get appreciation from the elders. Steady results and success will come their way on the job front and those in the business and professionals will see development.

Their consistent hard work will pay good results and they will get the kind of life aspired. People of this sign will accomplish their goals and hurdles will be cleared during the new year. Their strong will can drive them to improve their image in the society and achieve success with a golden future ahead waiting for them. They have multiple ways to reach their goals and minimum efforts will help them to achieve anticipated results.

On the financial front, people of this sign may moveable and immovable property like a house or vehicle. Acquiring land is likely with the luck is on their side. Students will get good results with the focused pursuit of their studies. There are benefits from the relatives and friends, besides benefits to the family members.

They will come out of the problems and live a peaceful life. Further, people of this sign will witness a long-standing pending work completed this year. Good decisions will help them to get recognition and prestige and will be in good spirits in the new year. It is a good time for the people of this sign to take the necessary decisions for charting out a golden future. Recite slokas of Guru and Kethu.

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