Student Life at the American University of Antigua (AUA)

Student Life at the American University of Antigua (AUA)

The American University of Antigua is exceptional for its dedication to making students’ lives positive as well as engaging. It has vital on-campus...

The American University of Antigua is exceptional for its dedication to making students’ lives positive as well as engaging. It has vital on-campus resources to add to their experiences while still focusing on their ultimate goal of becoming skilled physicians. AUA caters to the passion of every aspirant who enrolls with it. Hence, it has special interest groups with respect to the medical field. Enriching their lives further, the university in Antigua and Barbuda engages them through community outreach and recreational activities. In these and additional ways, it makes their experiences on campus memorable.

Resources Available at the American University of Antigua AUA Campus for Students

The campus at American University of Antigua, which is the Best Medical University in the USA for Indian Students is rich with resources for use by students. These resources facilitate the convenience of attending lectures. Education is enhanced with the availability of the Education Enhancement department and counseling facilities. Further, for the overall well-being of students, a health clinic, courtyard, and food court are also available.

Education Enhancement Department (EED)

This university has an Education Enhancement Department operating within the campus, it is aimed at improving the academic excellence of the on-site community. This department also imparts core values and professional skill training for students.

Medical and Nutritional Needs

AUA, the Best Medical University in the USA for Indian Student stands to the medical and nutritional requirements of students. For this, it offers access to a health clinic and food court at the campus. Through both facilities, student life is positively shaped.

Formation of Special Interest Groups to Foster Students’ Passion

7 special interest groups are available at AUA. Through these groups, this university in Antigua and Barbuda strengthens the passion of students to learn. EMIG or the Emergency Medicine Interest Group, for example, encourages students to collectively learn about emergency medical services. As part of these, they even share their experiences to help others learn.

Catering to the interest of students, some other groups at the AUA campus are inclusive of:

● Cardiology Interest Association or CIA

● SIG or Surgery Interest Group

● OB/GYN Interest Group, also called OBGIG

● Radiology Interest Group or RIG

● OIG or Oncology Interest Group

● Sports Medicine Physician Interest Group or SMPIG

Community Outreach Activities

Beyond learning through textbooks, AUA organizes activities for community outreach. During these, a student can locally work or volunteer for an organization. The lives of students are given a unique aspect through these activities.

Some of the main initiatives by AUA are:

● International Stillbirth Alliance Convention

● Sickle Cell Anemia Initiative

● Breast Friends Initiative

● Antiguan Medical Clinic Initiative

● Glaucoma & Eye Health Initiative

● School Health Initiative

● Learning Disabilities Initiative

● Wellness Connection Project

● Diabetes Foot Care Initiative

Enabling Networking through Student Organizations

Positively contributing to student’s life, AUA understands that students, on becoming the best physicians, receive employment in the medical sector. There are higher possibilities of students becoming colleagues in the near future. Hence, the university enables them to network through student organizations.

Organizations for students at the American University of Antigua are committed to the areas of philanthropy as well as community building. There are groups for student support as well.

The following is further indicative of the student-led bodies available at this university:

AUA Ambassadors

Cricket Club

AUA Asthma League

Student Government Association or SGA

ERT or Emergency Response Team

American Medical Student Association or AMSA

Fit Club

DFC/Doctors for Christ

Catholic Medical School Association (CMSA)

Football Club/FC

Christian Orthodox Student Association or COSA

Black Male Doctors

Phi Delta Epsilon International Medical Fraternity or PHIDE

Global Medicine Brigades

MSA/Muslim Student Association

Hispanic Medical Students Association (HMSA)

Medical Humanities Club or MHC

The Pulse

HIV Community Research

Additional facilities include


AUA’s campus comprises a sufficiently big outdoor amphitheater. It is equipped with 400 seats to accommodate enough students for lectures. This space is suitable even for additional events such as ceremonies and concerts.

Counseling Facilities

With the American University of Antigua, aspiring physicians can avail of on-site counseling. This facility focuses on improving their well-being and facilitating good health.

AUA Courtyard

The student life at AUA is enhanced with the availability of the courtyard. Located in the center of the campus, it is apt for gatherings. Moreover, it features Wi-Fi coverage for the purpose of work and education.

Recreational Activities and Student Life at AUA

To make academic growth convenient and enjoyable, AUA offers recreational facilities. Thus, it facilitates healthy lives for aspiring physicians right from the point of medical education.

Enabling them to maintain a balance between their learning and health, the university offers the following:

● Access to Jabberwock Beach

● A fitness center

● Athletic fields for sports

● Scheduling soccer, flag football, cricket, tennis, and soccer matches


Equally valuing academics and wellbeing, the student life at the American University of Antigua is notable. Through student-led bodies, relevant resources, recreational activities, etc., this value is facilitated. Not only is learning fostered but students are given the opportunities to embrace their passion too.

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