Three Cs of making your relationship last

Three Cs of making your relationship last

Three Cs of making your relationship last


It's no secret that there is a growing list of what we must do in a relationship in order for it not to fall apart. As we get older, we begin to...

It's no secret that there is a growing list of what we must do in a relationship in order for it not to fall apart. As we get older, we begin to realise that love alone cannot sustain our marriages and that relationships really are a lot harder than what Hollywood has made it out to be.

However, it's time to cut the chase and simplify what is actually needed for your relationship to not only survive but to also thrive.

Here are three little C words that that are the core ingredients to helping relationships function properly and remain healthy and strong:


Compatibility in a relationship is one of the most underrated qualities there is, yet one of important one you need. Relationships simply will not work out if you are not matched equally with your partner.

This goes beyond liking the same foods and sports but rather working out whether or not you are in align with each other on every integral level. Do you want to same things, do your values, opinions and morals line up? Do you both have the same mindset and level of commitment to the relationship?

Don't kid yourself, while this may seem like I'm over exaggerating the list, you will find all these issues will come up at one point in time or another. A healthy relationship is about two individuals supporting and building each other up, not wanting to change one another.

Guys if you don't want a partner to complain about who you are, then marry one that understands, supports and matches your personality. We are the ones responsible for who we date, so make your life easier by dating someone who actually fits you.


Without effective communication in your relationship, it simply will not survive. While this may seem like a very melodramatic thing to say, we all know it's true. The thing is guys, just because women are the ones who talk more it does not give you permission to sit back and not do your part.

Good communication is when both partners make the equal effort to speak, listen, and initiate the conversations that need to happen. This goes beyond your daily chit chats and text exchanges.

Active communication involves setting time aside to make talking with one another a priority. We live in a busy world and trying to discuss your partner's feelings or your future together with a few Facebook messages or broken talks in between commercial breaks is just not going to cut it.


Let's get one thing straight, committing to someone isn't about muttering a few promises or changing your Facebook status to 'in a relationship'. Commitment is an action daily; it is a choice of both the mind and the heart.

When you choose to commit to someone it signifies you are accountable for your words, movements, and behaviour in a relationship. Essentially it means you make a decision to live and act in such a way that is edifying and loving towards your partner, regardless of the uphill battles ahead.

Commitment means not giving up when the going gets tough, and honouring the decision that you made whether you have concreted it with a piece of paper or not.

This isn't just about sticking by someone, but also pledging to be the person your partner and the relationship needs you to be, about putting aside selfish behaviour and doing what is necessary to make your relationship strong and happy.

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