Thriving at work

Thriving at work

Thriving at work


Being well-connected at work helps one work better in team and foster well-defined relations

Thriving has a different connotation to different people. When we analyze the term closely, it speaks of the extra effort one should take at work with exponential learning, enhanced growth trajectory and a heightened energy. Organisations give emphasis to the all-round enhancement of an individual and the personality with focus on performance driven measures to thrive.

Ideation for all especially the ones who lead upfront speaks of volumes on how they thrive and inculcate the same in others. Meaningful associations and bonding, holistic approach, thriving at work and other areas, with good sound decisions and idea sharing by feedback approach are a win-win.

Life is made up of several elements which constitute our success and failures. Whether it's our own mindset, or someone outside our vicinity, enlarging our learning trajectory with a growth curve, understanding diverse think tanks, enhancing our psychological dimensions and framework constituting change for the better is a challenge by itself. Stage specific parameters define us from accepting to taking on the journey and putting up a brave front leads to a greater joy called the thrive component.

So, how does thriving stand out, is it performance or result centric, what do the factors of wellbeing constitute? What are the factors or derivatives that constitute our overall well-being? How do we upscale at work and otherwise? How do we draw a connect quotient between our own feel good factor with a heightened sense of achievement?

Thriving at work is a collation of various factors that affect our well-being. Whether at work or in our personal life, we must gear ourselves in meeting unparalleled oppositions, differing viewpoints, cross sectional divergent people, a few achievements and pats which make up our mental framework on what makes us thrive and what derails us backwards. It's a push and pull theory working in unison to attain a sense of balance in our psychological framework.

Factors enhancing thriving

• Impact of stress

• Well being

• Giving more than 100%

• Strong connections

• Adopting the learning curve

• Capitalising on strengths

• Being mindful and open to change

• Being accountable for all actions

• Saying no

At work it's a positive affirmation. Lateral learning techniques broaden the horizons of the individual. Being adaptable and in sync with ourselves and others, happy with work, balancing it out, workplace determinants contribute to the overall well-being. All areas of our emotional wellness should be taken care of. Having a well-defined approach will help in minimising stress. Setting goals on overall wellbeing is a key takeaway.

Some components to increase the levels of motivation in a person include a sense of independence with a flexible approach will hold good for the individual and the organisation. Recognising the potential caliber in the form of competency in several skill sets is surely a way ahead. An overall progress focusing on the expertise and competency factors, being well connected in all associations is surely a thumbs up. At work, it helps one to work better in teams and work towards well defined relations.

The best plans are created with the involvement of the staff in various capacities on any specific needs. How is the wellbeing taken care of, work-related problems with clear objective-basedresolution? Open conversations and the support mechanism to employees being offered – work flexibility, role plays, good vibrant environment, celebrating success of employees, are a few measures.

By thriving in changing scenarios, we learn our toughest lessons. Often those who survive challenges are the ones who are adaptable and grow wholesomely. Positivity speaks volumes when encountered with seamless catastrophes, by overcoming negativity be it people or situations, we thrive on challenges and surpass. By being resilient, we overcome the unexpected which is the penultimate goal.

In thriving, we fight. In surviving we barely get by. Thriving is not about an easy life; it's often about purpose and making our own unique contribution. Every mountain we climb leads us to a never-ending destination of thriving exponentially. Those who thrive have a sense of passion, being self-disruptive one becomes more introspecting. Any resistance must be met with outcome, seizing the challenges way through inner strength. Most times crisis keeps our adrenaline flowing and helps one to find the true potential. Keep Thriving; Open Vistas.

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