AP should not give up SCS issue

AP should not give up SCS issue

The Central Government's decision not to accord Special Category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh as stated by the Union Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman is really unfortunate and deplorable.

The Central Government's decision not to accord Special Category Status (SCS) to Andhra Pradesh as stated by the Union Finance, Nirmala Sitharaman is really unfortunate and deplorable. (Centre rules out SCS to AP).

As the states like Odisha, Rajasthan, Bihar, Telangana, Jharkhand are also seeking SCS along with AP the Central Government states that it cannot grant SCS to AP.

This is the argument of the Union Government on which basis the Government has taken the decision against the grant of SCS to AP.

The argument of the Government is quite irrational and its decision is woefully unjustified in the backdrop of the bifurcation of United Andhra Pradesh.

I wonder how the Centre can compare the case of AP. to that of other states seeking SCS. The case of A.P. in the wake of the state's bifurcation is totally different from that of other states longing for SCS.

The most unscientific. improper and unmethodical bifurcation of the state left Andhra Pradesh in doldrums with heavy revenue deficit and chronic economic crisis stalking the state with lack of capital city, infrastructure and industries even after the lapse half a decade.

The historical fact as everyone knows is that on the floor of the Lok Sabha, the former PM. of UPA Govt. Manmohan Singh ,supported strongly by the BJP, assured the grant of SCS to AP, at the time of enacting the bifurcation of the state.

Even Narendra Modi in his address at the meeting held at Tirupati in 2014 promised to grant SCS to AP. The former PM's assurance made in the Lok Sabha is yet to be implemented and Modi's promise made at Tirupati meeting still remains unfulfilled.

While, for other states seeking SCS is only an appeal to the Central Govt. which can either be considered or rejected by the BJP. Govt. But for A.P., the grant of SCS is an absolute necessity and the legitimate right guaranteed in the house of parliament which is regarded as the "temple of democracy".

So not to accord SCS to A.P. on the pretext of some other states asking for SCS is to disgrace the temple of democracy and violate the State Re-organisation Act.

A man of actions and leader of high integrity with the vision of building "New India", Modi must understand the problems and woes of A.P. created by the bifurcation of the state, help A.P. to develop, overcoming all the hurdles on its path towards the goal of all-round development and contribute to the making of India as "New India" and therefore the PM must consider sympathetically the case of AP as a special one for the grant of SCS to the state.

Now BJP is planning to strengthen its cadre in AP. As the people of AP. are very unhappy with the Centre's policy with regard to the grant of SCS to AP., the foremost task before the BJP government is to eliminate unhappiness from the minds of people of AP. and win their confidence so that it will have its firm hold in AP.

Though BJP leaders declare repeatedly in their public meetings and press statements that SCS is a closed chapter, the people do not believe in the veracity of their statements as a member of Niti Aayog had stated categorically some time ago that SCS is still an open chapter.

So what BJP leaders announce about SCS is far from truth and people of AP feel like being deceived by such false statements.

Now AP has a young, dynamic Chief Minister, Jagan Mohan Reddy who, with a vision and idealism, is focusing on the development of the state and is striving hard to provide transparent and corruption-free governance.

To enable him to develop the state, A.P needs to be aided financially in a big way through the grant of SCS. He is maintaining cordial relations with the Centre.

With a good strength of his parliamentary members, he is pursuing the policy of convincing the Centre about the necessity of granting SCS to AP.

So it is time that the Prime Minister, without being stubborn and with no comparison of AP with other states, taking into consideration, the economic health and the problems being faced by the state, must accord SCS to AP.

Dr Venugopala Rao Kaki, Kakinada

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